Thursday, August 24, 2017

ADF's misleading statement on Amy Lawson - Discriminatory photographer

Amy Lawson
Amy Lawson
The reality is that Lawson lost this case the moment it was filed.
Alliance Defending Freedom, an SPLC designated hate group, claims that Amy Lawson (Amy Lynn Photography Studio) won her lawsuit against the city of Madison, Wisconsin. ADF Lawyer Jonathon Scruggs indulged in some societal hyperbole.
The court’s judgment has vital implications for everyone in Wisconsin who values artistic freedom. The court found—and the city and state have now agreed—that creative professionals without storefronts can’t be punished under public accommodation laws for exercising their artistic freedom because those laws simply don’t apply to them. It means that government officials must allow such professionals anywhere in the city and state the freedom to make their own decisions about which ideas they will promote with their artistic expression. The court’s orders bring this case to a close, and we are pleased that Amy and many other artists in Madison and throughout the state can pursue their work without fear of government censorship.
According to the declaratory judgment dated August 23, the parties reached an agreement that, without having a physical storefront, her part-time photography enterprise is not a place of public accommodation. It smacks of a settlement to make an irrelevant nuisance go away.

The court did not order anyone to do anything and each party is responsible for their own legal fees. It certainly does not establish a precedent as Scruggs implies.

This was one of those idiotic pre-enforcement challenges. Lawson is the typical anti-gay bigot who arrogantly believes that were she to photograph a same-sex wedding her approval is implied and she does not approve of gay people or their marriages.

Lawson has already lost some business due to putting a No Gays Allowed statement on her website. Now she can put it in big bold letters to ensure that she pisses off more people.

Lawson has a full-time job working for the Nonn's Kitchen Bath and Flooring store in Middleton, Wisconsin. Her employer is (rightly) content to judge her based on job performance. My personal experience is that these annoying people have to be reminded from time to time that coworkers do not exist in order to be proselytized. Lawson is a graduate of Bob Jones U. which ensures that critical thinking is prohibited.

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