Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AFA's legal hack claims that Trump has grounds to terminate Mueller

American Family Association, a hate group, asserts the following in its “news” blog:
Abraham Hamilton III
From a legal standpoint, Mueller should be removed or recuse himself, says former assistant district attorney Abe Hamiltion, now general counsel and public policy analyst for the American Family Association.

"I think the president has sound grounds to disqualify Mueller for a host of reasons," says Hamilton," the least of which is his personal relationship with James Comey."

There is no doubt, adds Hamilton, that at the center of the ongoing investigation is Comey himself.
The law codifying the special counsel would require Mueller to recuse himself, Hamilton advises, because his friendship with Comey "would likely induce partiality."

"At a minimum," Hamilton tells OneNewsNow, "the president has the legal grounds to remove him based on that alone."

Beyond that relationship, he further points out, is a conflict of interest with Rod Rosenstein, who hired Mueller.

"So you have the grounds legally, in my estimation, to put the brakes on Mueller if that is your pleasure," says Hamilton.
The above is all pretty crazy because James Comey is neither a subject nor target of the investigation. To claim that Comey is “at the center of the ongoing investigation“ is nuts. “No doubt” he claims.

Furthermore, according to Hamilton, it is impossible to hire a special prosecutor without creating a conflict of interest with the person who hired him. Of course, Rod Rosenstein is not a subject of the investigation either.

So just who is this Abraham Hamilton III whose “estimation” seems important (to him and his employer)?

Hamilton worked as an assistant district attorney in Louisiana and Texas. Around 2007, and possibly before and after that year,  Hamilton worked as an assistant district attorney for Harris County, Texas which includes Houston. There are currently 157 attorneys in that office.

According to AFA:
He is licensed to practice before all Louisiana State Courts, the United States District Court for the Eastern, Middle, and Northern Districts of Louisiana, as well as all Texas State Courts.
He may be licensed to practice before those federal courts but he never has.
Abe served as a criminal prosecutor. He handled major felony prosecutions at the trial level.
There is exactly one reference to Hamilton in the Houston Chronicle and it involves the head of a rap label's body guards assaulting someone.

Hamilton fares better in New Orleans where he was an ADA as recently as 2015. The Times Picayune provides six accounts of Hamilton prosecuting violent crimes including murder.

In no way whatsoever does that make Hamilton qualified to weigh in on a complex federal investigation. Moreover, Hamilton went to Loyola University New Orleans College of Law which barely makes into the third tier. It's full time employment rate (employed as lawyers) was 47% for 2016 grads.

Hamilton's undergraduate years were spent at Oral Roberts University. Perhaps his degree in New Testament Biblical Literature qualifies him to opine. Maybe not. Nor, by the way, is Hamilton qualified to be a policy analyst.

Reviewing AFA's tax return for the year ended June 30, 2016 Hamilton is not an officer or key employee. Nor was he a among the top earners so who the hell knows what he knows? Or doesn't know. Perhaps he should stick to preposterous assertions about Target's changing rooms.

AFA gave this guy a radio show. I am certain that it is fascinating to listen as he misinforms listeners. The guy is an easy target; low hanging fruit. However, anyone who joins a hate group is fair game.

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