Thursday, August 10, 2017

And we have a new victim of the homosexual agenda

Homosexual agenda
Charlie Butts who works for the hate group American Family Association informs us:
A fired government employee in the U.K. is among the latest to challenge termination based on biblical beliefs.
The problem, of course, is that the idiot was in a position to inflict his superstitions on others to their disadvantage.
Richard Page was dismissed as a magistrate of Kent and Medway National Health Service and Social Care Partnership Trust in last year after expressing his belief that the family consists of a man and a woman who care for their children.

After Page expressed his views on television and other media related to a case involving a homosexual pair seeking to adopt a child, he was accused of being “homophobic” — a term often used by homosexual activists to label their opponents as bigoted and hateful
So let me cut through the “homophobic” intermediary. If page attempted to deny a gay couple the right to adopt a child then, in point of fact, his actions were most certainly bigoted and hateful. Religious beliefs do not provide a pass. As I have said many times, the Ku Klux Klan styles itself as a religious organization. The civilized world has established legal and social boundaries. Worship my toe-nail clippings for all I care. Just don't attempt to impose your fetish on anyone else.

Don't expect Mr. Page to ever get it. He has sued someone for something:
A BCC reporter also used the term in an inteview <sic> with Page (see video below) in an interview outside the courtroom.

“I wasn't being homophobic,” Page told the BBC, pointing out that his job requires the agency to seek what's best for children.
Schmuck. If your idea of what is best for children is based on 4,000 year old screeds then … that's not what is best for children. Indeed, those same ancient chronicles solicit the murder of insolent kids. Here's the referenced video (which AFA tried to make impossible to share):
Accordingly, Page filed a discrimination case alleging he was fired for his Christian beliefs.

Following a four-day hearing last week, no immediate decision has been made concerning Page’s future.

A BBC reporter who attended the hearing reported that Page was pressed about why he believes a family with a father and mother is best, and if he believes that homosexuality is an "abomination" as described in the Bible.

"I'm a Christian. I believe what God says," he reportedly told the court.
No Mr. Page. You believe what you think your god says. Many Christians and most Jews do not agree with Page and for good reason.

Apparently, they have their own version of Liberty Counsel/Alliance Defending Freedom to seek Christian Privilege:
“I think it's absolutely vital that people like Richard Page should not be excluded from the public space,” contended attorney Andrea Williams with the Christian Legal Centre. “Here we have a man who's given a lifetime to public service, who has given a lifetime to serving the community, who believes in the Bible like millions of people across the world.”
What Page has done in the past is irrelevant. If his intent was to discriminate — and that seems to be the case — then he has no place working in that environment. Discrimination based on biblical beliefs is still discrimination.

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