Monday, August 7, 2017

AP publishes parents' guide to transgender children

Jocelyn Gecker at the Associated Press has penned an outstanding piece on gender dysphoric kids. What I like about it most is the pains she, and the experts she interviewed, take to separate out the difference between a childhood phase and real gender dysphoria. In simplest terms a parent needs to evaluate whether or not their child is in distress. Moreover a boy might say “I wish I were a girl.” A gender dysphoric child will assert “I am a girl.”

I have only one criticism. Ms. Gecker is treating transgender as a condition. Gender dysphoria is the condition. Being transgender is a way of mitigating the stresses caused by gender dysphoria. I am not sure how important the distinction is or, for that matter, if it is important at all. Either way, this is a terrific article that deserves attention.

What we all need to do is not to be a contributor to the depression and anxiety that a child suffers with. Turn off the idiots. That includes the Vatican. We also need to be proactive. Actress Lena Dunham took action when she heard two American Airlines employees saying stupid things about trans kids.
That upset Tucker Carlson (who has been especially transphobic). Carlson claimed that the two people were simply expressing their opinion in private. Obviously it wasn't private since Dunham overheard it. Furthermore not all opinions are worthy. Not all opinions are equal. If I heard two employees share conspiracy theories about Jews (we control Hollywood, the Federal Reserve and all the mainstream media) I would raise hell. When opinions state untrue facts they are no longer opinions; they are demagoguery and there is a difference.

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