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Brian Brown blames "the left" for the violence in Charlottesville

Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown will keep trotting out different memes, not to inform anyone but to see what works to attract donations to National Organization for Marriage. At this point even the gullible donor base has heard it all. The faithful know that the Church does not approve of marriage equality and and NOM is there to … Come to think of it I do not really know what NOM does other than to ask for money.

Today's missive from Brian Brown is titled: “Silence and Selective Outrage.” Up top is a map in red and blue.
There's a lot of talk in the media today about a "divided America." … The media tries to present this division in, well, a divisive way – portraying Americans as "pro-Trump" vs. "anti-Trump," or dividing the country along racial lines, attempting to implicate much of the country as somehow being sympathetic to "white nationalist" sentiments. The idea that a majority of Americans are racists is not only insulting, it is damaging to the foundation of our nation and makes it more difficult to develop a national consensus on important issues.
This has nothing to do with marriage but it is BS just the same. About two-thirds of our citizens disapprove of Trump. The media did not do that. Trump did that. Nor has anyone (that I know of) suggested that a majority of Americans are racists which means that Brown is feigning outrage (he has had plenty of practice). Donald Trump is most assuredly a racist. His abject racism goes back many decades to when he was managing apartment buildings for Daddy Fred. The media didn't do that either.

Get a load of this moronica:
I think the real division in America is actually along the lines of political correctness. Those on the left have an amazing ability to display both selective outrage and silence, depending on their sense of the politics of the situation.
The term “political correctness” is often used by impolite boors who insist that society's rules for civility are somehow invalid. Moreover, who is this amorphous left? Does that include a raging capitalist like me? How about a conservative libertarian like Eugene Volokh who supported marriage equality? Does that include Republican former mayor Michael Bloomberg? How about Fred Karger? Is he on the left?

[Between paragraphs is the plea: “Feed me!” More is coming]
When a small group of true racists marched in Charlottesville recently (a disgusting display of ignorance and intolerance), the left went nuts and violence resulted. There is no excuse for violence. Those among the marchers who contributed to violence should be condemned, arrested and punished. Sadly, some leftists justified their own violence on the basis of the pure ugliness of the racism being displayed by the while nationalist and neo-Nazi marchers. I condemn the views of those displaying such disgusting racial attitudes, but that does not condone violence. A better response from the left would have been nonviolent, peaceful protests in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King.
It would appear that Brown's first sentence, assigns the violence to those opposed to fascism and racism. Indeed, this all smacks of the false equivalence. It's the crap that Trump is still peddling. Of course we all know that George Soros personally drove the car that overran pedestrians. Furthermore, Brown has not earned the privilege of citing Dr. King. Were he alive he would be a champion for LGBT rights. His late widow said so and so does every other major civil rights leader in the nation — by example. Brown uses African-Americans. He attempts to pit them against gay people.
All these circumstances are examples of selective outrage from the left, outrage fostered by political correctness where the left believes their position is not only morally superior, they consider the views of their opponents to be morally repugnant. Young idealists vs. conservatives; the marginalized vs. the powerful; rage against the machine (and against conservatives, Republicans, the police, etc.).
Brown considers himself a conservative. Brown is not a conservative in the true sense of the word. Brown supports Christian Privilege and the erosion of the Establishment Clause. Brown supports the idea that the Catholic Church is entitled to impose its dogma on everyone by force of law. Those are not conservative values.

Political correctness? Brown was on the losing side of what culminated in the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. Throughout the campaign for marriage discrimination Brown's group attempted to stir up anti-gay passions by asserting that gays posed a threat to children. That is repugnant. It is the dog whistle that bigots like Brown have been blowing for many decades. Brown's dishonesty and bigotry proved to be his undoing.
While the left shows selective outrage when their political sensitivities are offended, they display silence when the shoe is on the other foot. We heard no cries of outrage from them when NOM's #FreeSpeechBus tour to promote the truth of gender was disrupted by violent attacks from LGBT activists. A member of our team was physically assaulted and taken to the hospital, while gay activists smashed out windows with hammers and spray-painted pro-transgender slogans onto the bus.
Please. Progressives have repeatedly deplored any form of violence. NOM's bus did not promote “the truth of gender.” Quite the opposite according to science. I do not recall anyone being assaulted and taken to the hospital. NOM viscerally angers many people. By no means am I excusing violence. As a shooting victim it is the last thing that I would do. Yes, people did apparently smash the windshield of the bus. NOM used it as a means of collecting money when it was presumably covered by insurance.

Smashing a window is unacceptable but it pales in comparison to the kind of violence that is sparked by cretins like Brown and cynical groups like NOM. NOM's goal has always been to achieve a result by pissing people off. “Gay marriage will be taught in schools” was intended to make people angry at gay people. Sometimes that works like with NOM's temporary Proposition 8 victory. But sometimes pissing people off has unintended consequences.

I will skip over the part about SPLC. I haven't the strength to do it again. Of course here comes the inevitable. Brown even has the temerity to claim that they are the victims of discrimination. Ugh!

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