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Child Abuse!

Michelle Cretella has been able to misinform countless
people via Tucker Carlson
It simply astonishes me just how terrible some parents are when it comes to their gender nonconforming children. The more I type — the more furious I get so I am consciously controlling my penchant for profanity. It's the same cast as my July 13 piece. We have Marcia Segelstein who writes for The National Catholic Register and Michelle Cretella. Cretella is a hate group leader. She is the cretin-in-charge of American College of Pediatrician (not to be confused with the real peer group — the American Academy of Pediatrics. Of, and of course there is Paul R. McHugh, Defender of the Faith©.

The headline this go-around is “What If You Support Your Child’s “Gender Confusion?”” Once they start with the “gender confusion” crap you know that science has become irrelevant. The eunuchs are in charge. Faith is not science nor medicine. Gender dysphoria is as dangerous to a child as stage three cancer. Treating it improperly costs lives. That is not hyperbole but the very stark reality. The effect of trying to conform to the teachings of the Church is little different than treating that kid with cancer through a faith healer.

The subtitle of this painfully verbose mess reads:
“Love is truth and traverses political divides. We must come together in solidarity around compassionate reality-based solutions for our children now before it is too late.”
Segelstein asks the questions with predictable answers from Cretella who is no longer even a licensed physician.
Q. What does the future look like for children who are “affirmed” in their gender confusion?

There are no long-term studies on children, so parents are being lied to when “gender experts” describe this as “settled science.” The best study we have on what the future holds for adults who become transgender, i.e. impersonate the opposite sex with chemicals and surgery, is from Sweden. That study followed adults for thirty years after they began hormone therapy and went through surgery to impersonate the opposite sex. Initially they were relieved and happy. Their dysphoria went away and they claimed to be more socially functional. It was not until ten years out that there was evidence of increasing depression, anxiety and suicidality. In the short term they seemed to be a bit better. But ten years out not so much. By thirty years out they had a rate of completed suicide that was almost twenty times greater than the general population.
Cretella is also dishonest. Clinicians are not telling parents that the science is settled. The science is developing. Moreover when a child is suffering they can test the effects of gender affirmation in several ways to see if it eliminates the depression and anxiety. Segelstein is too lazy or too insecure to then contact the authors of that Swedish study (as I have done). The lead investigator notes the era in which these folks were treated and attributes the results to the Meyer Minority Stress Model. Furthermore, these folks transitioned later in life. Walt Heyer is the perfect example. He transitioned in his late 30's. Research demonstrates that the earlier people transition the happier they are. Transition does not require surgery. That is up to the individual.
Q. Medically what’s in store for them?

When children are “socially affirmed” as being the other sex, the next step is often putting them on puberty blockers at age 11 and then leading them to cross-sex hormones by age 16. When children are placed on blockers at age 11 and then transitioned to cross-sex hormones you’ve never allowed their bodies to produce mature eggs if they’re biological girls or mature sperm if they’re biological boys. At the American College of Pediatricians we’ve drawn our line in the sand. Chemical castration, sterilization and surgical mutilation are child abuse.
There is some truth to all of that but it is misleading. If a child is taking puberty blockers for five years then he or she is obviously getting substantial relief from gender affirmation. If her hate group wants to draw a line in the sand it should protect children from cranks, quacks and crackpots. Even when Cretella was licensed she did not treat children with gender dysphoria. She is way out of her depth. And she is in the shallow end of the pool to begin with.

Again, Cretella wants to conform to Church teachings when the first responsibility is to do what is best for the child. Cretella (who was associated with NARTH) would subject children to toxic reparative therapy if she had the chance and that has absolutely no basis in science. She has substituted superstition for medicine with potentially dire consequences.

Cretella went to medical school — somewhere. Theoretically she knows better. She chooses to adhere to the advice of priests with no medical training rather than the dictates of medical science. She has been doing so for a very long time. I am sure that she has done quite a bit of damage.
Q. What about organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics which has been supportive of treating transgender children?

In this case, the AAP, like other mainstream medical organizations, has chosen a political agenda over reality and children. This is not the first time. In 2010, for example, the AAP embraced female genital mutilation (FGM) despite acknowledging health risks to girls and the absence of any medical benefit. They later retracted that policy under pressure from advocacy groups.
Typical pattern. A professional association advocates a medically sound practice that someone does not approve of for religious reasons so they attack it as political rather than scientific. Cretella knows perfectly well that she is giving people the wrong impression regarding ritual female genital mutilation. What the AAP advocated was an approach designed to prevent parents from shipping their girls back to their native countries where they would be butchered. In the alternative there was discussion about the potential for physicians in this country to offer a “clitoral nick” as a compromise. It was never a “policy” because even that procedure is not permitted under U.S. law.
Twin studies alone prove that no one is born into the wrong body. If transgenderism were “hardwired before birth” by DNA and/or prenatal hormones incorrectly sexualizing the brain, then identical twins would always have the same gender identity. But they do not. Instead, the largest twin study we have demonstrates that identical twins differ 72% of the time. This proves that the primary determinant factors are not biological and occur after birth.
This looks like anti-gay nonsense re-purposed for gender identity. Cretella does not provide sufficient information about the supposed study to make a determination. Cretella's theory is just an attempt to conform science to religion. It overlooks the importance of the sub-genome. Furthermore, a condition can be organic or innate without being genetic. This also works the other way around. Were gender identity strictly environmental wouldn't identical twins have the same sexuality since they are raised in the same home by the same people? My theory is full of holes too which is part of the point.
Q. What else do you want people to know about this issue?

This is what people need to recognize: so-called transgender medicine is marketing a false metaphysical belief under a scientific veneer. The claim that a “feminine essence” can be trapped in a male body and vice versa has far more in common with a quasi-religion than anything to do with science. This is one reason my colleague, Dr. Paul McHugh, has referred to the transgender youth movement as a cult.
“Cult?” Catholic fundamentalists calling something that they disapprove of a cult? This is such nonsense it defies commentary. McHugh has never treated children with gender dysphoria and he is pushing 90. “Trapped in the wrong body” is the sensation reported by patients. That hasn't changed over the 75 years or so that medicine has been dealing with this issue. It is nothing new. Yet, there is no known medical intervention to reduce or eliminate gender dysphoria. The best known approach, developed mostly over the last ten years, is to allow patients to transition if that is what they want to do and then to help them with the least potential for harm.

This isn't Marcus Welby stuff (at the risk of dating myself). The clinicians who work with these kids have devoted years of their lives to training and study. Most of what they do professionally is about these children We should be more trusting and respectful of their endeavors than to relegate them to organizers of a nefarious movement. It's utter rubbish and should have no place in meaningful dialog. But this is the National Catholic Register. What do I expect?

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