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Hate group leader's son is equally clueless

Walker Wildmon
Walker Wildmon
At American Family Association Walker Wildmon is leader Tim Wildmon's assistant. He is hopelessly confused as is Chris Woodward who writes for AFA's faux news blog. As a literalist conservative Christian organization, AFA tortures logic with twists and turns to evade the fact that transgender people actually exist.

Woodward writes: “'Welcoming' policy gains another victim.” Yes, this is yet another idiotically false story about Target Stores. As an aside, in case you missed it, Target is doing great which means that AFA's silly boycott over transgender accommodations is an utter failure. Boycotts only work when they are an economic lever.

Chris Woodward provides the false narrative:
According to in New Jersey, a man was arrested for allegedly stalking customers in a South Jersey Target fitting room. Police say on August 9th a woman was trying on clothing when she saw a man's hand -- holding a cell phone -- creep under her fitting room door.

Walker Wildmon of the American Family Association (AFA) says this adds to a long list of examples where men have access to women's changing areas and restrooms at Target.

"They can simply be voyeurs without any consequences, and this leads back to why Target even allows men access to women's areas," he adds.
First of all, Target does not give men access to to women's changing rooms. Target's policy (which has been in place for many years) is to accommodate transgender shoppers. This guy is not a transgender woman. He has no right to be in a women's area of the store.

More importantly, as the NBC10 piece makes perfectly clear, the alleged peeper has been doing this at numerous stores throughout the area; a fact that even Woodward discloses in his AFA blog post. The suspect, Francis Vain, was not taking advantage of Target's policy of accommodating trans shoppers. If the allegations are true, Vain is a sick pervert with an obsessive fetish.

Daddy, Tim Wildmon, did the exact same idiotic thing in June when a voyeur with a full beard had been hitting a number of stores in his Texas community. Walker and Tim have done this because they are unable to provide any evidence that transgender people pose any kind of danger to anyone.

Woodward and Wildmon then tell conflicting stories:
AFA has been boycotting Target for over a year, since the retailer announced it would allow transgender customers and employees to use the bathroom or changing room of the gender with which they say they identify. The pro-family organization maintains it is not about transgender people, rather sexual predators taking advantage of the transgender policy.
Target has had the policy in place for years along with many other national chains including Walmart. AFA has indeed contended that this is about safety. That is just a screen to obfuscate the organization's trans-hate based on their interpretation of ancient chronicles. Moreover, in making this about safety they are trying to sell a broader narrative, like this one, which really has nothing to do with Target's policy.

For AFA's fear mongering to be valid, someone would have to pretend to be transgender in order to gain access to women's facilities; something that never happens. Stories like this one actually confirm that AFA's claims about Target are factually invalid.

Enter young Walker:
"Their policy is attendants are not allowed to correct men from going into women's changing areas," says Wildmon.
Woodward just wrote that Target's policy affects transgender people. In no way, whatsoever, does that provide men with access to women's changing rooms.

Their utter confusion is the result of believing their own bullshit. They are incapable of ever writing the two words transgender woman. They always conflate this as a man who identifies as a woman. They fail to differentiate between men and transgender women in an attempt to convey the false notion that transgender people do not really exist.

According to AFA their deity created men and women. They are cisgender and heterosexual. Simply stated, just as we know that geocentrism is false and that the universe is billions of years old, gender identity and sexual orientation are both continua. Simplistic biblical explanations do not hold up to scientific scrutiny. AFA promotes not only hate but staggering ignorance.

Walker Wildmon, older brother Wesley, Wesley's wife and possibly other family members are all on AFA's payroll. This is in spite of the fact that AFA had a deficit of $1.7 million for the year ended June 30, 2016. They are presumably desperate for donations and believe that Target is the vehicle that will provide financial solvency.

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