Monday, August 7, 2017

How about all the crazy shit that heterosexual cisgender people do?

Claire Chretien's Twitter image is telling
LifeSiteNews contributors find some virtue in trying to make LGBT people look kooky. Today it is their Claire Chretien. Yet it seems that 75% of the site is dedicated to homophobia and transphobia. No other outlet would give a regular podium to crackpots like Peter LaBabera and Doug Mainwaring.

None of these folks seem to be terribly successful or they would not be so addicted to the Church that so utterly intimidated by LGBT people. They look at a guy like Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, and all they see is rage to the extent that they see past his sexual orientation. This is the North American jihad. They lack the introspection to appreciate the harm that they do and the craziness of their zeal in doing it.

Claire Chretien needs a new hobby that will make better use of her time. Today's headline is: “Man undergoing third sex change: ‘I hope I will finally be happy’.” It is not a human interest story. Nor is it newsworthy. The sole reason that Chretien writes this crap is to denigrate LGBT people. She writes (appropriating text from news media):
Brad "Ria" Cooper, who was the UK's youngest "sex change" patient at 15, announced he is undergoing his third "sex change" operation, this time to make himself more like a woman again.

Shortly after his 18th birthday, Cooper "transitioned" back to his biological gender and lived as a "gay man."

"But five years in Ria is more certain than ever that is not the real her – and is making her second attempt at becoming a woman to have the future she always dreamed of," The Mirror reported.

De-transitioning back to a man "made me even more unhappy," Cooper said. "Now I’m going to be me – and I hope I will finally be happy."
So what? Shall we marginalize this poor woman again? She is possibly the recipient of some substandard counseling prior and subsequent to her transition. Without demonstrating considerable ego-strengths she might not have been a candidate for sex-affirming surgery. What does Chretien know about the individual other than his gender identity? Nothing.

Of course Chretien is wed to the notion that the amateur psychiatrist — Pope Francis — is inerrant. He knows more than all of those physicians and researchers because … well, because he is the pope. Therefore, this has something to do with “gender ideology” which is just gibberish for “I don't approve.” His approval was never solicited.

Cooper gives testament to the fact that being transgender is not easy. Trans people face considerable stress and discrimination. Just trying to find a job and a place to live can be a considerable challenge. Chretien's contribution is to possibly make matters worse. All this drivel about compassion and dignity of the person is just superficial bullshit in attempt to deflect bigotry and Chretien is a purveyor.

People who are not LGBT do stupid and crazy stuff every day. We don't suggest that it is the product of either their sexual orientation or the sexual identity. That would be exceedingly stupid.

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