Wednesday, August 9, 2017

No, you were not supposed to know that Abby Donovan is dead

Ray Donovan has a very compelling gay character. That would be Lena, Ray's assistant, played by Katherine Moennig. She is smart, loyal, good humored and sexy.

At the conclusion of last season's Ray Donovan Abby was alive and well. I know this because I had to re-watch the last three episodes from last year because I had this uncomfortable sense of extreme anxiety Sunday night. “How the hell did I forget so much from last season?”

As long as I am at it, we are also not supposed to know who the 20-something “kid from the hospital” is nor how Bridget knows him nor why they were hospitalized. Nor do we know why Bridget is not at NYU. We don't know why Ray is in compulsory anger management (except that it was a bar fight). We also don't know what happened in Nevada.

Based on one scene, I have a feeling that Abby committed suicide but haven't a clue why she offed herself.

None of this would be terribly important except I thought that I was supposed to know all this stuff and had forgotten. The show's writers have conspired to cause me some misery. Yet I feel better knowing that I wasn't supposed to know this stuff but now I am neurotic and insecure trying to figure out why I could not remember that it wasn't stuff that I was supposed to have remembered in the first place and I cannot remember from Sunday all the stuff that I did not know. Just try to diagram that last rather inelegant sentence.

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