Monday, August 14, 2017

Princeton Review, LGBT friendliest colleges - Your mileage may vary

Princeton Review has compiled its annual list of the 20 LGBT friendliest colleges and universities. I would not take this terribly seriously. The methodology is probably less than peer-review worthy science.

There are better measurements such as the services provided. Harvard, for example, has an off Office of BGLTQ Student Life. On the other side of the continent, Stanford provides a Queer Events and Services Team. Having an outreach to transgender students is important. It demonstrates the kind of commitment that the school makes to attract and then help LGBT students. There is no substitute for personally speaking with some queer students. Religious schools are a mixed bag. Notre Dame is very welcoming while Yeshiva might be perilous.
  1. Bryn Mawr College
    Bryn Mawr, PA • 1,381 Enrolled
  2. College of the Atlantic
    Bar Harbor, ME • 338 Enrolled
  3. Emerson College
    Boston, MA • 3,790 Enrolled
  4. Warren Wilson College
    Asheville, NC • 650 Enrolled
  5. Mount Holyoke College
    South Hadley, MA • 2,202 Enrolled
  6. Sarah Lawrence College
    Bronxville, NY • 1,438 Enrolled
  7. Agnes Scott College
    Decatur, GA • 927 Enrolled
  8. Vassar College
    Poughkeepsie, NY • 2,435 Enrolled
  9. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
    Needham, MA • 378 Enrolled
  10. Grinnell College
    Grinnell, IA • 1,699 Enrolled
  11. Brown University
    Providence, RI • 6,926 Enrolled
  12. Reed College
    Portland, OR • 1,410 Enrolled
  13. Harvey Mudd College
    Claremont, CA • 829 Enrolled
  14. College of William and Mary
    Williamsburg, VA • 6,276 Enrolled
  15. Bennington College
    Bennington, VT • 711 Enrolled
  16. Bowdoin College
    Brunswick, ME • 1,806 Enrolled
  17. Oberlin College
    Oberlin, OH • 2,895 Enrolled
  18. Eckerd College
    St.Petersburg, FL • 1,844 Enrolled
  19. Carleton College
    Northfield, MN • 2,105 Enrolled
  20. Simmons College
    Boston, MA • 1,730 Enrolled

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