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Ryan T. Anderson has a new tactic: Call it "disagreement" and redefine hate

Ryan T. Andereson
The latest from Ryan T. Anderson is “Disagreement Is Not Hate, Despite What the Left Says.“ We don't serve your kind here!” That's not hate. Oh, no according to Ryan T. That's “disagreement.”
Now [the Boy Scouts of America] will allow homosexual young boys in the Scouts and allow homosexual leaders in the Scouts, and what are you going to have? You are going to have all kinds of sexual molestation. This is a playground for pedophiles to go and have all these boys as objects of their lust.
Mathew Staver — August, 2015
The above quote is not hate. It is just disagreement over social science.

The purpose for Anderson's intellectually dishonest spew is to attack Southern Poverty Law Center. It poses a rhetoric that begs the question: How can anyone call Christian organizations hate groups simply for disagreeing with SPLC's left-wing politics?

According to Anderson:
Last week, I made a short video about how the media and the Southern Poverty Law Center were getting “hate” wrong, slandering good groups such as the Family Research Council and Alliance Defending Freedom by calling them hate groups.
Among many other things, Family Research Council promotes intolerance on the basis that gay men are predisposed to be pedophiles. ADF promotes license-to-discriminate laws and encourages schools to deny accommodations to transgender kids. That is not disagreement. That is hate. The fact that it is based on scripture is irrelevant. In fact, that makes it more pernicious because these groups are attempting to impose biblical morality on society by force of law. Doing so is un-American. We are, and always have been, a secular society.
Liberal activist groups do this because they disagree with conservatives on marriage and gender identity. But it’s wrong to think every disagreement is the result of hate.
Rubbish! This has nothing to do with beliefs over marriage. People are free to believe whatever they want. With respect to gender identity, rejecting the overwhelming consensus of science to force people to conform to scripture is hate if it marginalizes and demonizes a group of people.

Get a whiff of this crap:
Anti-gay bigotry exists. It’s wrong. And we should condemn it.
When has Anderson ever condemned anyone for their anti-gay bigotry? Anderson has claimed, among many other things, that gay people are terrible parents. That is undoubtedly based on then Cardinal Ratzinger's (future Pope Benedict) declaration that we do violence to children when they are placed with same-sex couples. That is not disagreement. That is hate! Where was Anderson? Ratzinger reiterated the Church's teachings that gay people are objectively disordered. Anderson is probably gay. Does he believe that to be true or is it bigotry?
But support for marriage as the union of husband and wife isn’t anti-gay. Believing the truth about marriage—that it unites a man and woman as husband and wife in an act that makes them one flesh—isn’t anti-anything.

Believing that men and women aren’t interchangeable, and that mothers and fathers aren’t replaceable, that children deserve both a mom and a dad—that’s not hate. It’s truth. And even if you disagree, you should acknowledge that it’s motivated by love, not hate.
Anderson is actually correct. In this country people are entitled to believe anything that they want — no matter how moronic and no matter how discordant those beliefs are with evidence. Attempting to impose those religious beliefs on society by force of law is bigotry. Doing so by marginalizing and inaccurately portraying a minority group is hate. Furthermore, Anderson isn't motivated by love for children. His only allegiance is to the catechism of the Catholic Church which he will defend to his last breath, no matter how misconceived.
Anti-trans bigotry is real—and it’s wrong. And we shouldn’t tolerate it.
Really? When did Anderson ever criticize the Catholic hierarchy for assigning the treatment of gender dysphoria to “gender ideology?” Earlier, Anderson mentioned ADF. ADF has been attacking school districts that do not marginalize trans kids. They have proffered a model school policy throughout the nation that denies accommodations to transgender students who are already under a great deal of stress. What? You think there is some profound societal principle at work here? Nonsense. ADF is marginalizing trans kids so that public schools will operate in closer conformity to scripture.

Anderson's friend at Family Research Council, Jerry Boykin, has said:
The bottom line is that I oppose these so called "‪#‎Bathroom‬" bills that let men go into women's locker rooms, showers, and toilets and I have been very public about it. When I said in Orlando that "...the first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery," the LGBT community once again came after me, claiming that I was calling for violence against ‪#‎transgender‬ people.
Boykin was calling for violence. Where was Anderson? Calling transgender women “men” is hate and bigotry. Where was Anderson? Claiming that transgender women are a threat to children is hate, bigotry and unsupported by any evidence. Where the hell was Anderson?
… having concerns about giving children puberty blockers, or performing sex reassignment surgery on adults, isn’t anti-trans. It’s a disagreement about medicine.
When did Anderson become competent to disagree with the science? Believing that Jews are predisposed to be usurers isn't hate. It's just a disagreement. The belief that some people are racially inferior? That is not hate or bigotry. Oh no. It's just a disagreement about biology!

Anderson's notion of logic is rather contrived. He will continue to torture logic in defense of the faith and his religion is inerrant. 

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