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"They're coming for your kids!" Federalist polemicist goes full-tilt anti-trans unhinged

Joy Pullman
According to Joy Pullman (and the climate deniers at the
financially troubled Heartland Institute) Common Core
is also an evil conspiracy
Joy Pullman, one of The Federalist's editors has a piece on Thursday titled: “The Trans Juggernaut Wants Your Kids, And Public Schools Are Just The Beginning.” Pullman is right and Jews drink the blood of Christian children during the Sabbath and black men are determined to rape white women and your Muslim neighbor is secretly planning to kill you. Be afraid of [fill in the blank]! Uh-huh.

The Federalist has no limits on awful. There seems to be nothing that is too offensive for them to post. Nothing is too stupid or too ignorant. I will get to the specifics of Pullman's “essay” but first, this is the subtitle:
Parents are finding fewer and fewer ways to protect their children from being used as guinea pigs inside an experiment constructed by unelected bureaucrats.
Essay? I have about run out of synonyms for diatribe. Yesterday I trotted out “jeremiad” but it's not a great fit. You get the idea. Personally I cannot wait to be enlightened with regards to how we are turning kids into involuntary lab rats. I am sure that Pullman will at least attempt to explain her hyperbole. Thus, we begin:
If you had argued pre-Obergefell that de-sexing marriage would lead to drag queens leading preschool storytime in public libraries and public schools hounded into hiding their mandatory sex ed curriculum from parents after a settlement requiring trans-friendly “education” starting in kindergarten, you would have been called an unhinged bigot. How could what two consenting adults do privately have any effect on whether five-year-olds are told they should consider cutting off their penises? Preposterous. Fear-mongering. Wild-eyed insanity.
So we start with Drag Queen Story Hour which is quite harmless and the kids love it. Trust me Ms. Pullman, they aren't confused and it's not going to change their sexuality. As the New York Times explained:
This is Drag Queen Story Hour. The brainchild of the writer Michelle Tea and Radar Productions, it is exactly what it sounds like: drag queens reading stories to children. It began in San Francisco in December 2015 and spread to Brooklyn last summer, thanks to social media attention. “I saw a Facebook post about it,” said Rachel Aimee, the Drag Queen Story Hour coordinator for New York, “and as soon as I saw it, I said, ‘Oh, this is what I’ve been waiting for.’” … Subsequent library events were a huge success, bringing in hundreds of patrons and the news media.
Hiding sex-ed curriculum? I do not think so. Pullman's assertion is based on a legal settlement that she has not seen and according to a blogger at Heritage Foundation who probably hasn't seen it either. Neither have I. The settlement Pullman refers to was by a charter school in Minnesota that paid out $120,000 for violating the state's nondiscrimination law. Minnesota has protected trans people since 1975.

Pullman's dishonest hyperbole reaches a peek with those five-year-olds who most certainly are not being told to consider amputating their penises. So yes, this is unhinged hateful religious rhetoric. Pullman thinks that she is creating credibility for herself with the display of a tweet from Rod Dreher who is an ultra-conservative Christian — a Catholic convert who likely believes that trans people do not exist.

Pullman continues with some kind of sinister conspiracy theory which “explains” …, something:
This is likely why the transgender movement is targeting the young: They are vulnerable and impressionable, prepuberty pose better as either sex and therefore look less terrifying than adult transgenders, and once locked into the trans body morph will never truly be able to escape. Devastated people are prime candidates for exploitation by their pretend advocates. Also, locking in trans-policies now is a way to preclude debate before more extensive data and personal experience can fuel the inevitable backlash.
This is utter nonsense. No one and no group is being “targeted.” If Pullman had any intellectual curiosity she might learn some inconvenient facts. Ten years ago the approach was to prevent kids from becoming transgender in the hopes that they would grow out of it. According to current research, once kids reach that point, they do not grow out of it. Other research has demonstrated that people who transition earlier in life are happier and more successful.

Therefore, the number of children with gender dysphoria has probably not changed but there are more trans kids which probably will not affect the number of trans adults later on. There are two other things that Pullman fails to appreciate:
  1. None of this is gratuitous. Gender dysphoria can be objectively diagnosed and;
  2. Children with gender dysphoria have no effect on children who do not have gender dysphoria. Nor do policies that intended to keep transgender and gender nonconforming kids safe and integrated into school society.
So  yes. This is all preposterous fear mongering without Pullman identifying  what she is afraid of. Acceptance of gay kids does not make other kids gay. Acceptance of trans kids does not make other kids trans. Furthermore, this has nothing whatsoever to do with the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Pullman's diatribe needs a rheostat:
Of course this is bad for kids, but it’s not about kids. They’re just pawns, as usual. It’s about politics. Pushing transgenderism not only destabilizes a key component of a child’s identity but also contributes to early sexualization that is linked with mental illness and risky behaviors. Early exposure to and lack of clear parental direction about sex is also linked with increased gender confusion, which is precisely what we’re seeing as clinics for cutting and pasting children’s hormones and body parts explode inside a media environment that glamorizes this form of child abuse.
“[T]his?” What exactly is it that is “bad for kids?” No one is pushing anything. This awful woman is having a tantrum over her imagination. “Linked to mental illness and risky behaviors?” What the fuck is this person talking about? “Gender confusion” is the phrasing of the Catholic Church (among others). It most certainly is not how doctors and scientists describe gender dysphoria.

Neither religion nor medical science provide any remedy for gender dysphoria. We mitigate the discomfort with gender affirmation, which works. It reduces anxiety and depression to normal levels which considerably reduces the potential for self-harm. As a society we try to keep these kids safe and included. Inflicting minority stress upon them makes no sense whatsoever. Sane, rational people know that the condition is not contagious.

The batshit, replete with other quoted tweets, goes on at considerable length. But what is the point when the underlying premise is so wrong? I have a more fathomable reason for stopping at this point. I choose not to imperil my screen, keyboard or household possessions with flying objects reflecting my disdain for Pullman, The Federalist and Christian conservatives in general. “Crazy” is subjective but being accurate about things is quite objective. So is the concept of right and wrong and Pullman is flat out wrong!

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