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Those fun-loving bishops are joined in bigotry by Ryan T. Anderson and Gloria Purvis

“If the Church wants to define public policy perhaps they should do so without the benefit of a tax exemption.”
Ryan T. Anderson and Gloria Purvis are rather flawed Defenders of the Faith. Anderson — who is probably a gay man — is wed to the belief that he will be rewarded in heaven for bottling up his sexuality. Purvis is obsessed with the notion that LGBT citizens are trying to steal something from African-Americans — a view that is rebuked by virtually every civil rights organization starting with the NAACP.

About a week ago, Ms. Purvis was trying to convince us that the Civil Rights movement and the LGBT Equality movement are not the same thing. Of course gay people never made that argument to begin with. The two are compared solely by religious zealots out to prove that they are not the same. It is a means of disparaging gay people by claiming that we make a fallacious argument. What the two do share is a demand for the constitutional guarantees of Equal Protection and Due Process.

This week, at their website, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is determined to prove that marriage equality was not, and is not, comparable to to ending bans on interracial marriages. Again, it's an argument that we haven't made except in regards to the comparisons for Equal Protection and Due Process.Or do these two believe that African-Americans have a monopoly on those constitutional rights?

Oh, they had one other thing in common. The bans on same-sex marriage and interracial marriage were premised upon a religious objection. God does not approve. In the criminal trial, The Commonwealth of Virginia v. Loving, which became the predicate for the landmark Supreme Court decision, the trial judge posited the following from the bench:
Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.
Those bishops plus Anderson and Purvis are doing the same thing. No matter how they try to frame the issue, no matter how they try to distract, their objection remains the same: God does not approve! The Catholic Church disapproves of gay people. Ergo, the Catholic Church disapproves of their marriages.

I don't know if they are attacking marriage equality to set the stage for a reversal of settled law or to refine the historical narrative so that they do not look like raving bigots. It's probably a bit of both. Some humility would serve them well because the Catholic Church doesn't get a say on our laws. If the Church wants to define public policy perhaps they should do so without the benefit of a tax exemption.

According to the bishops:
Continuing to debunk the erroneous comparison of marriage redefinition to interracial marriage, Ryan Anderson and Gloria Purvis talk about what marriage is.
Ryan T. Anderson attempts to debunk what doesn't need debunking with the same idiotic (and losing) arguments that have never worked. It's the way it has always been, according to the Bible and only opposite-sex couples can make babies (something I think that Mr. Anderson will never do). We all agree. They are different. Judaism and Catholicism are markedly different (only one has a messiah I think). Yet they both enjoy First Amendment protections. Same-sex marriage and opposite-sex marriage are also different. Yet the participants in both forms of marriage are entitled to constitutional protections. It's not a terribly complicated concept. Unless you want it to be.

Gloria Purvis
Enter Ms. Purvis to inform us that white homosexuals had considerably more rights before the Civil War than African-Americans. That's probably true. So what? What the hell does that have to do with whether or not constitutional rights apply to same-sex marriage? These people seem to be baffled by the reality that Obergefell v. Hodges settled the issue. Their approval was, and is, not required.

And incidentally, most Americans — including most Catholics — support marriage equality. Moreover, most Liturgical Protestant denominations and most forms of Judaism do not believe that same-sex marriage pisses off their deity. Anderson and Purvis are underachievers who should set their sights on doing something that actually benefits others. Being sanctimonious benefits no one. Indeed, piety is a rather self-absorbed concept. Instead of obsessing over the marriages of a small minority of citizens perhaps they should address education, hunger and literacy. An astonishing percentage of children cannot find the Vatican on a world map.

Anyway, here is their fucking video.

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