Monday, August 14, 2017

Trump is exhausting

Donald Trump
I have read Trump's statement on Heritage Foundation's blog. Daily Signal. The Associated Press characterized it as carefully worded. I think it is rambling and disjointed.

Trump's three day delay to say the right words allows the bigots to claim that Trump was coerced or that the statement does not reflect his true feelings. Both are probably correct. Trump had to seemingly be dragged kicking and screaming to do what should have come as his initial reaction.

More importantly, Trump gives every indication of being a racist and this goes back many years when he was managing family-owned apartment buildings. Trump's malfeasance reached a peak with his Birther BS (for which he has never apologized).

Trump seems quite impulsive and his first reaction to just about everything is wrong. He demands loyalty akin to Henry VIII while our most successful presidents have surrounded themselves with people who will challenge the commander in chief. He really believes his statement: “I know more than the generals.” Trump thinks that everyone else is stupid.

A few days ago, Trump doubled-down on his transgender military ban, claiming that he did the military a huge favor. He is apt to take advice from the cynics who flatter him. Those include leaders of the Christian right who have no business influencing government.

Trump scares the crap out of me. An impulsive and reactionary guy with terrible judgment who is inexperienced and incurious and who overestimates his intellect and who is easily influenced by people who pander to an ego the size of the Grand Canyon. He also has the nuclear codes.

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