Friday, September 8, 2017

Boykin: SPLC is mean - give us some money

Jerry Boykin
The subject line of the email from retired general Jerry Boykin reads: “Radical extremist group targets us.” The core of this tirade consists of blaming Southern Poverty Law Center for a shooting that occurred at Family Research Council's building five years ago, injuring one person — and they have been raising money off of it ever since. According to the manufacturer, SPLC is responsible for that shooting which injured one person. SPLC supposedly bears responsibility because they designate FRC as a hate group. According to Boykin, donating money to FRC will help the hate group fend off SPLC's “attack.”

Some simple facts:
  1. Family Research Council is a hate group. Tony Perkins continues to insist incorrectly that gay men are predisposed to be child molesters. FRC holds out Peter Sprigg, a Baptist minister, as an expert on all things LGBT. Sprigg's main theme is the effectiveness of reparative “theraapy.” The halfassed pastor disputes the overwhelming consensus of science in order to assert that being LGBT is a choice. This, in turn, justifies the discrimination that FRC champions.
  2. Being a hate group is a choice. FRC's inflamed rhetoric is intended to anger people sufficiently to donate money to FRC.
  3. In fact, FRC's economic and operational model is at work in attempting to orchestrate anger over SPLC's hate group listing to garner donations. No record exists of SPLC — a group dedicated to nonviolence — inspiring violence. Floyd Lee Corkins (the FRC shooter) is deranged.
  4. Corkins did not attack FRC because it is designated a hate group by SPLC.
  5. Corkins attacked FRC because FRC is a hate group; one that intentionally angers people to achieve economic and political goals.
  6. Receiving money will not resolve FRC's hate group status. That is something that is the result of FRC's behavior. FRC inhales money and exhales hate. 
The first part of the message (emphasis and links removed):
"That was my sole focus - I have to get this gun - this guy's gonna kill me and kill everybody here."

Those words were rushing through the head of our building manager, Leo Johnson, after he asked a man for his identification at our national headquarters.

Leo didn't know that Floyd Lee Corkins had walked into our office in Washington, D.C. carrying a 9mm handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition in his bag.

When Corkins began rustling around in his bag, Leo got up to see what was happening.

That's when Corkins pulled out a gun and fired twice, hitting Leo's left forearm.

By God's grace, Leo fought back courageously, subdued the attacker, and still works with us to this day.

Drew, today I want to ask you to stand with FRC Action as Leo did. I want to ask you to stand courageously in the face of hatred and intolerance to defend our freedom.

If you want to help us stand up against radicals who are targeting our conservative Christian values with hate-filled violence, will you please make a much-needed gift of $35, $50, $75, or more right away?

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