Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Butts, Stanton and Barber are about as sex savvy as my vibrator

Matt Barber
Does this douche-bag look like a constitutional lawyer to you?
Charlie Butts at American Family Association's “news” blog has the earthshaking headline: “Biological argument for homosexuality examined.” The subheading reads:
More information has surfaced that demonstrates the false argument that homosexuals are biologically born into this world in that condition.
And what exactly is it that contradicts the overwhelming consensus of science? According to AFA, an anti-LGBT hate group:
Statistics gathered from high school students by Teenwise Minessota, a pro homosexual group, show that lesbians become impregnated by heterosexual boys, and homosexuals impregnate heterosexual girls at a rate that is seven times more than straight students.

Further, it is noted that that homosexuals from both sexes are much more sexually active than straight individuals, as the Federalist’s Glenn T. Stanton that the homosexual teen pregnancy rate is up to seven times greater than the pregnancy rate of like-aged heterosexuals.
This debris was posited by Glenn T. Stanton about a month ago. It is a result of a local newspaper article. As I wrote, at that time:
The first link [from Stanton's piece] is to a 2015 article in the Star Tribune. Stanton calls it research. It is not research. It is based on a purported survey of unknown origin which was then analyzed by a small non-profit (around $300 thousand in revenues) called Teenwise Minnesota (TM). TM has two websites. The first (as indicated on their 501(c)3 tax return) is blank. An earlier site exists. TM used to be called Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting or MOAPP. The most current survey data from that site is from 1998. According to the Star Tribune article:
Teenwise Minnesota, a statewide organization that promotes the sexual health of young people, uncovered the trend in teen pregnancies while correlating the data from the latest statewide survey of student health. It was the first time the survey, which was first done in 1992, asked 9th- and 11th-grade students about their sexual orientation.
Mine is a rather lengthy piece. The bottom line is that these are carelessly imputed statistics from a haphazard anonymous survey. The data doesn't say what Stanton claims it says. Nor has it been published (to an academic journal).

Oh, but wait. It gets better:
Barbwire.com Founder Matt Barber, who is a constitutional attorney, maintains that the greater promiscuity and pregnancy rates are not surprising – given that most homosexuals admit being molested as young people.
First of all, Barber is not, and never has been, a “constitutional attorney.” That requires working for an expert at a brand-name firm for a number of years. To the best of my knowledge, Barber has never been employed as a lawyer and is not even licensed to practice law. When he worked at Liberty Counsel it was in a non-attorney position. I can find no record that he has ever acted as an attorney in any federal court which is also a requirement of a constitutional attorney.

More importantly, the notion that most gays were molested is utter nonsense. It has been disproved by several studies and is floated because it gives superficial cause to reorientation “therapy.” Ex-gays (the only gays that Matt Barber knows) have a tendency to claim that they were molested. They use it as an excuse for being gay and being victims of gays. I know many gay people. None were molested as children. Nor was I.

Then there is the false notion embraced by Stanton and Butt(s) that sex equals romantic attraction. Furthermore, they disregard the fact that sexual orientation is not binary. It is a continuum. I am a gay man and I have had heterosexual sex. I have even enjoyed it. I was a gay man before inserting penis into vagina and remain a gay man after recovering my manhood. Sex is supposed to be fun, even adventurous. It is a concept that these folks will never get.

Finally, lesbians are likely to have more unintended pregnancies that straight women. They are less likely to use contraceptives. This all proves nothing other than the concept that religious conservatives remain desperate to claim that gay people are not really gay. We are all just confused.

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