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Hate group leader claims to be "Fighting for Marriage"

International Organization for the  Family
An ugly logo for socially ugly people
Fighting for Marriage is the latest missive from Brian S. Brown who leads the hate group International Organization for the Family. When religious zealots claim to be fighting for marriage that means that they are fighting against marriage equality. Brown conforms:
The protection and preservation of marriage as the union of one man and one woman is a cornerstone of our work at the International Organization for the Family (IOF). The pressure is relentless from western elites and sexual radicals such as George Soros to redefine marriage across the globe. Despite this pressure, only a small number of countries in the world (25 – almost all of them in the west) have succumbed to the cultural and elite pressure and abandoned the truth of marriage. This represents less than 13% of countries worldwide. Over 87% of nations in the world have maintained their commitment to marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
I'll assume that those numbers are correct. The Muslim world is not going to accept marriage equality for the foreseeable future regardless of what Brown's group does or does not do. Nor are countries previously part of the Soviet Union. That doesn't mean that they are correct. They are wrong according to social science. Most of the industrialized world seems to know better. The centers of art, music, culture, science and advanced education tend to embrace equality.

Note the appeal. “Western elites.” What is an elite? Someone who is well educated or, perhaps, a devoted critical thinker? Who are these “sexual radicals?” People who happen to be gay and who do not subscribe to the belief that they are “objectively disordered?” Apparently, Brown thinks that mentioning George Soros brings in the dollars. And dollars they very much need.

IOF is just an assumed name for the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society. For the year ended September 30, 2016:
  • Revenues increased by $250 thousand yet they still had a loss of $72 thousand.
  • They were left with about $10 thousand in cash.
  • Current liabilities were at least twice current assets.1
  • Total liabilities exceeded total assets.
One of these days I will try to reconcile World Congress events with revenues and expenses. Meanwhile it seems relatively safe to assume that Brown and Co. have an out-sized understanding of their effectiveness as they seem to be preaching to that proverbial choir. Their finances do not support the theme that this is a very influential enterprise.

The email continues:
A number of countries, such as Croatia and Hungary, have moved forward to proactively protect the definition of marriage in their national constitutions. An important national election on marriage is underway in Australia, and it appears likely that a vote on marriage will occur this fall in Romania. This issue of our newsletter contains a number of articles related to those upcoming elections.
Croatia and Hungary are autocratic nations with close ties to the Catholic Church. IOF doesn't influence them one way or the other. They have not “move forward.” Quite the opposite is true. Australia's “election” is a non-binding opinion poll but Australia is culturally moving in the right direction in spite of Church meddling. It is just a matter of time. I have no clue what is happening in Romania.

Following Brown's signature are a couple of polemics including one by E. Douglas Clark, a lawyer. Clark is a fundamentalist Mormon who makes the usual nonsensical argument that same-sex marriage is bad for children. He cites to obligatory references to people like Heather Barwick and Katy Faust. I have heard, by the way, that Faust is making anti-gay appearances in a lab coat. Clark is irrelevant. He is just repeating what proved to be the losing arguments in the United States.

 1 The IRS balance sheet form in the 990 tax return does not include a current portion of long term debt so one has to estimate current liabilities. This applies to all organizations, not just Howard Center. Howard Center reports mortgage and notes payable in the amount of $90 thousand. Some portion of that was due over the following 12 months.

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