Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Honestly, there is no damned transgender agenda

Monica Cole
Monica Cole - Noxious head of One Million Moms
Religious conservatives continue to re-purpose idiotic anti-gay rhetoric to now attack transgender people. Not only is there no such thing as a “transgender agenda” but — at least as of the last time I checked — gender dysphoria was not considered to be contagious. Try to convince the morons at hate group American Family Association of those simple facts. Go ahead. Just have some Xanax at hand. Better yet try to convince Monica Cole of AFA's One Million Moms. Pfizer does not manufacture enough of the stuff to thwart that imbecile who sees sinister LGBT conspiracies everywhere.

At AFA's “news” blog: “Moms' group rips ABC on 'Roseanne' reboot.” As if AFA, the blog—One News Now and One Million Moms are not all the same single hate group.

The tantrum:
Monica Cole, director of OneMillionMoms.com, is concerned that the sitcom is looking to explore the "gender fluidity" issue. "It's outrageous that they would even try to use children to push this particular agenda," she tells OneNewsNow – adding in a statement that the sitcom's "sexualization and moral corruption of [young cast members and young viewers] is child exploitation at its worst."
Did I mention that Monica Cole is an imbecile? How, exactly, does the portrayal of a medical condition corrupt anyone? Just how prudish and ignorant must one be to think that gender identity diversity equates to sexualization? Shall we all just pretend that gender is a bogus construct? They can stick their fingers in their ears and shout “nah, nah, nah” too. Apparently Monica Cole is better informed than the entire psychiatric establishment. What damned medical school did she go to?
1MM predicts the reboot "will inevitably be celebrated by the LGBT community because "Mark" will be the first "gender non-binary" character to appear on network television. The activist organization also sees the introduction of such a character as the next step in normalizing a culture that disassociates a person's biological gender from their "gender identity."
There they go again. The old attack was about “normalizing homosexuality.” Now it has been re-tooled for a broader hateful narrative.

What they are trying to do is to conform their reality to scripture. They have been doing this for a couple thousand years now. They move on but they don't seem to tire. My only surprise is that they are not protesting PBS for various shows that take it for granted that the earth and other planets orbit the sun; that our sun is one of millions of similar orbs and that we are not at the center of the universe.

They want to “normalize” stupidity! These are the same cretins who embrace as truth a sketch of a dinosaur with a saddle for human conveyance. We are all supposed to embrace the “science” associated with ancient chronicles, thousands of years old and of questionable provenance. Holy crap. Those crazy Xenu-bots are not so relatively crazy after all.

It manages to get eerily worse:
"The network and the show 'Rosanne' will be promoting gender dysphoria – and the actual definition of that does include that it is a psychological condition," states Cole.

She adds that it's "destructive" to purposefully confuse children – both in the viewing audience and on the cast – by portraying a psychological disorder in a positive manner.
First it is (correctly) a condition. Then it is a disorder. Some folks are conspicuously confused by all of this and I am not referring to young prospective viewers or cast members. Those young people “get” it. Others do not — and never will. And they are allowed to breed. And … never mind — too depressing.

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