Wednesday, September 13, 2017

IRS Programming Developments

Over the weekend, while I still had power (and then a charged battery) I was able to incorporate the IRS extract into my local database. The DB already included the Business Master File and revocations due to non-filing. The potential for meaningful research is enormous.

The extract includes 249 line items from every organization's 990 filing. It is updated annually so right now I have the data from every organization that filed a 990 in 2016. I will incorporate the 2015 file as well. However it is currently the object of a broken link and there is no easy way of notifying the IRS of website issues.

The nerdy potential is staggering. The next step  is to add a hate group field which involves finding which SPLC listed groups are incorporated as nonprofits and file a 990 (in contrast to a postcard return). SPLC has its criteria and I have mine. I will need to add in the groups that SPLC does not include such as National Organization for Marriage .

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