Thursday, September 14, 2017

Newt is as hypocritical and obnoxious as ever

Newt Gingrich
"Get off my lawn!"
Americans have short memories. Some guy named Billy Holloway writes: “Former House Speaker Issues Warning for People of Faith: ‘The Forces of Intolerance’ Are Willing to Use ‘Government to Punish You.’” That title should start with Disgraced former House Speaker as Newt Gingrich was forced to resign due to ethics violations. The vote in favor of his reprimand was 395 to 28. Gingrich has the dubious distinction of being the first Speaker charged with ethics violations.

I will forego the treatise on adults named Billy and, to be fair, most of the content is from Gingrich. It is the usual hackneyed nonsense about the intolerance of LGBT people who, in reality, are intolerant of the intolerance from jerks like Gingrich. The thrice married-twice divorced Gingrich has consistently lied about his first divorce claiming that it was at the request of his wife when, in fact, Newt sprang it on his wife while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery. Mr. holier-than-thou is a sleazebag, a hypocrite and an adulterer (he cheated on both former wives). Now Gingrich is full of bluster and sanctimonious bullshit.

According to Billy:
He also went on to decry the vicious and intense assault on religion that he sees coming from some forces on the political left. Referencing the ongoing debate over the rights of Christian bakers and photographers to decline services if they feel certain jobs — such as same-sex marriage ceremonies — infringe on their personal faith, Gingrich warned of a dire situation here at home.

“The forces of intolerance are prepared to use the power of the government to punish you unless you do what they want.”
The reluctance to allow people to discriminate creates a “dire situation.” And suppose, Mr. Gingrich, that they don't like Jews or interracial marriage, or Christians or Mormons or whatever? Can they freely discriminate with the pretext that serving the people they disapprove of “infringes on their personal faith?”

What happens when they do not approve of self-righteous, twice-divorced so-called Christian hucksters? Probably nothing because that lot will approve of anyone who says what they want to hear. Whether or not they believe what comes out of their own mouths is irrelevant. I think that Trump, Agent Orange himself, is exhibit “A” in that regard. But I have to hand it to Newt. He has allowed these rubes to line his pockets and they do not even realize that they have been fleeced. Presumably Billy is part of that constituency.

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