Saturday, September 23, 2017

The anti-gay marry-my-laptop guy is back - and prolific

Mark Christopher Sevier
Photo credit: Nashville PD
Mark Christopher Sevier has tried to eliminate marriage equality through meritless lawsuits in Texas (dismissed), Utah, Alabama, Kentucky, possibly other states and now Mississippi. Sevier has also attempted to intervene in at least ten federal matters including Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado.

In 2011 Sevier's license to practice law was suspended in Tennessee due to mental incapacity. It remains suspended. Since then he has been arrested for stalking country music singer John Rich, a teenage girl and for violating a court order. Sevier also filed a bizarre lawsuit against Apple. I cannot comprehend his dialect of Batcrap sufficiently to understand why he is suing Apple.

The Mississippi complaint (riddled with typographical and factual errors) was filed on September 20. Therein Sevier (as Chris Sevier) claims to be a machinist — someone attracted to inanimate objects. The other three plaintiffs all claim to reside at an Extended Stay America—Sugar House Hotel in Salt Lake City. They are:
  • John Gunter, Jr. who claims to be a polygamist desiring to enter into another marriage in Mississippi.
  • Witney Kohl wants to marry Gunter.
  • Joan Grace Harley also want to marry Gunter. According to the complaint, Harley was a transgender man for 18 years before she got religion.
Sevier claims to be a resident wherever he files these lawsuits. He is perjuring himself but has not bee held accountable.

As if things could not possibly get any nuttier there is a ten page affidavit from none other than Michelle Cretella supporting reparative therapy. Cretella is president of American College of Pediatricians which is designated a hate group and should not be confused with the real peer organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics. Cretella's promotion of a thoroughly discredited practice is presumably on behalf of the Catholic Church.

According to the complaint, gays are being issued marriage licenses on the basis of their sexual orientation. While Sevier claims that this is an “undisputed fact,” the truth is that gays are issued marriage licenses in spite of their sexual orientation. Sevier also claims that LGBTQ is a religion that should be regulated by the Establishment Clause. That, too, is presented as an undisputed fact. Sevier cites ten additional cases that he sought to intervene in. All ten denied his petition. He claims that gay is a form of pornography which should be held to community standards and he indulges in numerous conspiracy theories.

The Tennessee Supreme Court found that Sevier is insane six years ago. It does not appear that his mental hygiene has improved since then. Sevier's disorder has cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars due to frivolous suits and petitions. He should be declared a vexatious litigant who would require the permission of a senior judge before filing any actions in federal court.

Access to the courts is a constitutional right. Limiting that access is a very serious matter. However, Mr. Sevier clearly needs a new hobby.

I have read some media reports that Sevier has PTSD due to service in Iraq as a JAG lawyer. As a sufferer I have studied PTSD in great detail. The anger and fervency are consistent but most of the behavior is atypical for someone with PTSD. Most of us are mercurial but feel a bit embarrassed when we calm down. Sevier seems to be at full-throttle manic all of the time. Sevier is probably a smart guy given that JAG is quite selective. He needs help and we need to stop having to pay for his irrational enterprise.

As a final footnote to this saga, Father Mark Hodges via LifeSiteNews thinks that this all makes perfect sense.

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