Thursday, September 21, 2017

The choices are limited: Jerry Boykin is either a pathological liar or he believes his own BS

Jerry Boykin
Retired Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin has considerable problems with LGBT people and Muslims. In both cases it is a reflection of the fact that Boykin is a Christian supremacist.

Bathroom agenda puts the privacy & safety of our children at risk!” screams Boykin on the subject line of his latest email missive. The email was sent on behalf of a hate group — Family Research Council — which employs Boykin as its executive vice president.

The ceaseless fear mongering associated with where trans people can pee is only exceeded in absurdity by the fact that people subscribe to the promoted fears with no substantiating evidence whatsoever. I have searched and searched for examples of transgender women endangering women and children. I might have found one incident, in Canada. But that doesn't stop General Jerry who writes:
The Texas Legislature just failed to pass a commonsense bill requiring men and women to use public showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms designated for their biological sex.


Because radical liberals swarmed this red state, partnered with moderate leadership in the House, and managed to stall a privacy policy supported by Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick, and conservatives across the state!
Boykin seems to be calling the state's business executives radical extremists. Most of them are probably Republicans and it is they who managed to stop what is really radical: A measure similar to North Carolina's HB2, with all the potential damage that HB2 caused to the state's economy that is based on a fiction.

The highlighting in the following passage is in the original text:
If we don't take a stand here, it's only a matter of time before biological men will be able to share showers and locker rooms with women and girls all across America!

Please, if you are ready to stand against the Left's reckless transgender agenda, take a moment right now to sign the National Petition to Protect Our Children's Privacy.
As you might have guessed, the “petition” is a gateway to a money-grub which makes no sense at all since feeding the beast will have no effect on Texas legislation.
David, we need you on board right now, because it's time we started organizing a counter-effort. Women and children in Texas and across the nation are starting to speak up about the traumatizing position these ill-conceived policies have put them in. We must support them and speak up too.

We have no time to waste if we're going to hold the line.
Hold what line? There simply aren't that many trans people. The truth is that these measures are aimed at public schools. A school might have one, maybe two, trans or gender nonconforming children. They are already isolated, marginalized, vulnerable and fragile — particularly in a state like Texas. Now they want to further isolate and marginalize these kids. What would Boykin want for one of his grandchildren who had gender dysphoria? Does he think that conservative Christianity renders him immune?
Last year, extremists targeted North Carolina after Governor Pat McCrory signed into law a measure aimed at protecting the safety and privacy of women and youth from biological males who would seek to gain access to women's locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms.

As a result, leaders in corporate America threatened to pull out of the state and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch filed a lawsuit against the state to strike the law down.
Balls on a skateboard are required for Boykin to call anyone else an extremist. There is nothing extreme about wanting kids to be treated fairly and humanely. Corporate America loathes discrimination. It's bad for business.

There are repeated pleas for petition signatures which means repeated pleas for money. Later on:
Many on the Left believe that biological men have a right to share showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms with women and little girls as long as they identify as female at that particular point in time -- and that anyone who disagrees should be punished!

Well, here at FRC Action, we're pushing back. We're ready to defend the privacy and safety of women and children across this country as they come under threat from those would undermine them.
“At that particular point in time?” That is just not how gender affirmation works. There is this repeated theme suggesting that a person wakes up on the morning and decides today I think that I will be female. Boykin is too thick to ever accept the fact that a transgender woman is, in all respects, female except for genitalia. If one can grasp that simple concept one knows that privacy is not an issue. Calling this a matter of safety is baseless fear mongering. Where is the evidence?
This issue isn't going away. In fact, it's going to be a major issue in state, local, and national elections in 2018.
That could prove to be true if GOPers try to create a wedge issue like they used to do with marriage. They will try to get it on the ballot so that religious conservatives will show up to vote. My hope is that the Trump experience might energize some of those folks who haven't always voted in the past.

The claim that transgender women endanger the safety of children is an outrageous lie. It constitutes today's equivalent of homosexuals are determined to rape your sons or blacks are determined to rape your daughters or Jews want the blood of your babies to use in a ritual. Calling these accusations godly or good is one of the reasons that I am an atheist.

It does not matter whether Boykin is a pathological liar or attached to belief in his own BS. Either way his behavior is despicable!

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