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The stunningly stupid comparison of being LGBT and being a communist

Stella Morabito
Stella Morabito on one of her best days
Stella Morabito emerges as an expert on LGBT folks and communism for LifeSiteNews. What could possibly go wrong?

Morabito claims to have a master's degree in Russian and Soviet history. If that is true, I think that she missed some coursework. Morabito also claims to have worked as an intelligence analyst for some organization. I won't go there. It is just too easy. I concede, however, that I am suitably amused. But I digress.

The ever erudite Claire Chretien has written about a supposed police investigation in Brunswick, Maine over the distribution of flyers equating being LGBT and communism. Abject stupidity being legal, I am not sure what the potential crime is. Littering? Ms. Chretien's crime is intellectual laziness:
Stella Morabito is a former intelligence analyst who frequently writes about cults, communism, and propaganda. She often argues that political correctness is cult-like in its demands for conformity and notes that Soviet communists used propaganda “basically to get people to disempower themselves.”
Actually Morabito competes with Alex Jones for the promotion of inane conspiracy theories. As a staunch Defender of the Faith Morabito claims that things which do not conform to the teachings of the Church are sinister conspiracies. An obsession with transgender people frames much of Morabito's “thinking” lately. Morabito has also claimed that the objective of same-sex marriage is to destroy marriage entirely. I wonder how we are doing a couple of years out from Obergefell.
"This is a curious incident," Morabito told LifeSiteNews. "But most interesting to me is that an LGBT activist would find the equation with communism a bad thing. Most activists strongly aligned with the LGBT agenda definitely support state centralization of power, which is exactly what communism is all about."
No. No. NO! What communism is “all about” is the elimination of most private property. Resources and then production become the “collective” property of the state. We seem to have a sinister agenda that is somehow linked to Morabito's incorrect understanding of communism. Presumably that agenda is something other than Due Process and Equal Protection. It is an agenda that seems to be known only by religious conservatives because we have no idea what this woman is talking about.
"All of the policy agendas they support – single payer healthcare, extreme government regulation, common core, the abolition of the organic family, anti-life, government regulation of speech – all naturally lead to the consolidation of power by an oligarchy of elites, i.e., communism," Morabito continued. "Another group supporting the LGBT agenda is 'RefuseFascism,' which is led by the chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA."
  • I have never heard of “RefuseFacism” which I RefuseToGoogle because it is irrelevant. The only thing that unites us is our sexuality. We are otherwise a diverse group of people. We tend to be more progressive than others because it is more secular. That is where greater respect for equality (and acceptance of science) resides.
  • The opposite of communism is capitalism. I am a raging capitalist and I support single-payer healthcare or Medicare-for-all. About one-third of Medicare recipients have Medicare Advantage plans which are provided by private industry. Another 30% have Medicare supplement insurance — also provided by private industry.

    I support regulation that will keep our air and water clean and reduce the man-made contributions to climate change. I can make a strong case for the economic logic of doing so. It is also less expensive to keep workers safe through regulation than to create medical bills that someone has to pay. 
  • Common core? Common fucking core is a communist conspiracy? Common core is a set of academic achievement standards arrived at by professional educators from all 50 states. It is an issue only because the Christian home school set made it an issue with a big push from Phyllis Schlafly.
  • I suppose that “abolition of the organic family” is a conspiracy that has something to do with marriage equality. The premise is that same-sex marriage has some mystical effect on opposite-sex marriage. It couldn't possibly be that this supposed conspiracy has anything to do with the utterances of the Vatican eunuchs. Now could it?
  • Anti-life? People outside of the cultists refer to that as reproductive choice which fuels capitalism. We would prefer than workers not be pregnant when they do not want to be pregnant. Maternity leaves are expensive enough.
  • The government does not regulate speech. There is that First Amendment to contend with.
  • Most progressives would be repulsed by an oligarchy. What that (along with elites) really means is people elected to government positions that Morabito does not approve of. Aside from being unglued this woman is spectacularly stupid.
"So my question for those who see this incident as a potential hate crime is: Given that there's such a strong alignment with LGBT causes and big government causes – and definitely with virtually all people who identify as communists and statists – why would you view any such connection as a bad thing?" she asked. "If you have an aversion to communism, please explain why. I'd be fascinated to hear an answer."
I have no idea whether or not this is a hate crime. Nor do I much care pending additional information. Morabito's use of the word “given” presupposes that something is factually correct. Morabito offers no proof of anything, no evidence and not one of here assertions is compelling. Not one. The overwhelming majority of LGBT people are capitalists. There exists no evidence to the contrary. Her rhetorical question with a promise of giving attention to the answer are intellectually dishonest. Morabito has no intention of ever listening to anyone she disapproves of. She does not approve of LGBT people. If she actually listened she might be smarter.

If Morabito is an expert on cults she should employ some introspection. Some say that the biggest difference between a cult and a religion is the age of the belief system. That might be true but I would argue that the definition lies in the fervency of the adherents. Judaism, Catholicism and most organized religions (excluding systems like Scientology) are probably not cults. However, some believers are cultists.

Morabito has said: “I am now a member of a steadfastly traditionalist, and therefore isolated, Anglo-Catholic parish in the Episcopal Church's Diocese of Washington, D.C.” Isolation is a good indication of toxicity and the potential to attract cultists. Cultists are dedicated to redefining reality. She will exhaust herself trying to prove that a factually incorrect teaching of the Church is correct. In the end she will believe that she has proved that 2+2=5 if that is called for according to the catechism. She will refer to the factually flawed conclusion as “truth” when considerable evidence exists to the contrary. Cultists believe their own bullshit!

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