Friday, October 20, 2017

Brown: God's on our side

George Soros
George Soros
Brian S. Brown's imagined nemesis
Hate group leader Brian S. Brown (International Organization for the Family) is incensed that George Soros just donated $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation.
Can you believe that, $18 billion?! The International Organization for the Family (IOF) is a primary antagonist to George Soros, and we have a budget that is a tiny fraction of one percent of what Soros has just donated to oppose us.
“Primary antagonist?” I doubt that Mr. Soros knows about the existence of Brian S. Brown or his little hate group. Nor was Soros' generous donation provided to oppose IOF. Soros provides funds to further his mission. Opposing IOF would be a waste of time and energy.

In right-wing religious circles there exists precious little credit for what Soros has accomplished. He left Hungary with nothing. He once worked as a railroad porter. In 1970 Soros basically invented the hedge fund. He has given away much, if not most, of his fortune to make the world a better place. George Soros believes “that societies can only flourish when they allow for democratic governance, freedom of expression, and respect for individual rights.” He has put his money where his mouth is in order to effect his vision.

Mr. Brown believes that everyone should be subservient to the Catholic Church which is ultimately responsible for public policy. Brown's vision makes people slaves to Bronze Age texts. Brown's agenda is set by the palace schemes of the Vatican. Brown is content (and wants others to be content) with the lock-step adherence to the dictates of the sheltered eunuchs.
I have to confess that my first reaction to this news was one of anger and upset. How is it that a guy who wants to deconstruct the family and destroy all that is beautiful, created by God's hand, is able to donate $18 billion to his destructive agenda and we who are working to defend the family and lift up God's creation struggle so much to raise enough funds to do even basic things in pursuit of our righteous work?
Perhaps if there really is a God he or she favors Soros' democratic reforms over organized superstition. If Soros so offends the deity, as Brown claims, then why would the god permit Soros to be so successful which puts more money to work for Soros' mission. When things break Brown's way his god is omnipotent. When they break against Brown, then his god is not responsible. If things work as Brown professes then his god favors the endeavors of George Soros.

What is the point of worship and prayer if the deity is powerless. He or she is either powerless or an advocate of marriage equality by enabling the Supreme Court to rule in favor of gay couples.

Now it is time for Brown to stick his hand out, palm up, asking for OPM:
Unfair, that is, until I think about how priceless it is that we have an awesome God on our side, and that He is amassing an army of warriors — including you — to fight alongside us. No amount of money can combat that army dedicated to the truth!

And when I realized that fact, my mood brightened considerably, changing from depression to optimism.

I know in my heart that people of faith will not sit idly by while a leftist billionaire like George Soros attempts to redefine all that is beautiful on earth — family, life, marriage, parenthood, gender and human sexuality. I am confident that our people will rise to the challenge and make a generous donation to the International Organization for the Family to counter what George Soros is trying to do.
Apparently Brown shares his god's omnipotence Mr. Brown has unique insight into what pleases the deity. Brown then expects everyone else to pick up the tab for his faux largesse.

IOF (actually Howard Center for Family Religion & Society) is on a September 30 fiscal year. It is beginning to look like a Brian Brown operation. 2016 revenues were nearly 50% higher than 2015 revenues. Yet, in 2015 the organization lost $4 thousand. In 2016 the loss swelled to $72 thousand. Brown truly has the Reverse-Midas gift.

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