Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NOM claims victory - "Send more money!"

Brian S. Brown
Late Tuesday afternoon Brian S. Brown claimed: “A big victory in hand...more on the horizon.” National Organization for Marriage is taking credit for some utterance by Trump and claiming it is yyyuge.

Brown combines greed, deception and wishful thinking into efforts to keep the ailing National Organization for Marriage afloat. As a proxy for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, it was obvious that NOM was doomed after it lost United States v. Windsor at the Supreme Court four years ago.

NOM's death came in 2015 after its loss in Obergefell v. Hodges. On life support, NOM has morphed into a fundamentalist Catholic anti-LGBT hate group. Brown makes occasional noises about overturning Obergefell which is about as probable as Trump becoming a truth-teller. Even Gorsuch has said that the issue of same-sex marriage is settled.

Tuesday's email is inventive. According to Brown, donating money to NOM will enable the all-but-defunct organization to continue to work “with President Trump’s administration to cement our religious liberty rights into law so that no American is ever penalized for standing for the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

I hate to be the purveyor of reality but “the truth of marriage” is defined by the law of the land which was clarified by the Supreme Court in its ruling in Obergefell. Sometimes I wonder if Brown understands that the teachings of the Catholic Church are not the law of the land. That paradigm began to erode in Europe in the 16th century.
This latest victory shows that our work is producing real and tangible dividends, and we hope it will result in you making a tax deductible donation supporting NOM.

NOM has for months been urging President Trump to forcefully protect the religious liberty rights of marriage supporters. The directive to all federal agencies and departments is a big step in that direction, and makes it clear that government officials should not take adverse actions against any American for refusing to abandon support for traditional marriage or participate in gay 'marriage' ceremonies.
Before you are tempted to send some money Brown's way, there are no federal nondiscrimination laws protecting LGBT people. A letter from Donald Trump has absolutely no effect on state and municipal nondiscrimination laws. So, pending an unforeseen outcome from the Supreme Court in June, bakers are still going to have to comply with those laws and florists will have to sell their flowers without concern for where they will be displayed.

Brown, by the way, continues to stay classy:
… and idiotic because the research continues to demonstrate that gay couples raise perfectly healthy and happy children. Brown's children, on the other hand, are probably confused, neurotic and insecure. Religious fundamentalists do not raise very stable children nor very happy children. Religious conservatives have a habit of teaching children who run astray of dogma to hate themselves.

In Brown's family, just masturbating is a serious violation. I cannot begin to imagine the plight of a gay kid in the Brown household. The male sibling effect is quite reliable, depending upon who you ask, so what are the chances?

Religious conservatives do raise more obedient children. They might be miserable and neurotic but they are better behaved out of fear of violating the rules. Parents often make the mistake of linking compliant behavior with social and parenting success. Moreover, the children of religious conservatives are less curious which can lead to diminished critical thinking skills.

The point is that Brown is in no position to critique anyone else's parenting capabilities. While gay couples are teaching their kids something about respect for people regardless of their differences, Brown's children might be poisoned with his petty bigotry. They are also being taught to accept superstition over scientific reality. Whose kids are likely to be more successful?

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