Thursday, October 12, 2017

Oy - Sorry I asked (one meshugga rabbi)

Rabbi Menashe Bovit
Rabbi Menashe Bovit
I received an odd reply from Rabbi Menashe Bovit of Bellerose Jewish Center in Floral Park, NY. Bovit was one of the signers of that AFA letter I wrote about earlier.

Jews (other than a handful of ultra-orthodox) tend not to involve themselves in right-wing Christian endeavors. Among other things there is the prevailing anti-Semitism which they try to mask with support for Israel. That is really support for Revelations in scripture when all the Jews die. Some messianic Jews pile on but they are really Christian converts.

Thoroughly incensed that he gave cover to a hate group, I asked Rabbi Bovit how he could align himself with the likes of AFA. Hadn't 6,000 years of oppression taught us something?

The response, precisely as written:
I don't care, not my concern. I am the Rabbi and cheated on my wife as I did at my previous job. I got fired from that job. I am dating a gentile and my congregation doesn't care what I have done.
Kudos to me.
Menashe Michael Bovit
Bellerose Jewish Center
As I said, sorry I asked.

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