Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Raising money to raise money

Money Down The Crapper
Were Brian S. Brown my neighbor in South Beach he would have a sun-burned palm. It seems that Brown's physical presence includes a permanently outstretched hand (perhaps cemented in place) asking for money.

My contention is that National Organization for Marriage doesn't really do anything. There is no evidence that it actually works at anything other than raising money. NOM raises money to remain in business to pay salaries in order to raise money to remain in business and so on, infinitum.

Today Brown is looking for folks who are dumb enough to commit (by credit card) to recurring monthly donations.
NOM is hard at work pursuing our agenda, working on multiple tracks to press our issues. Right now, we've got two important legal briefs pending before the US Supreme Court, …
Those are done — Nothing left to do. It means that NOM has again paid its co-chair, John Eastman, to prepare inconsequential amicus briefs. The only reason that they do this is for the appearance that they are actually doing something. And, of course, Eastman gets a piece of the action from donations detoured to him as legal fees.
Frankly, I wish I could spend all of my time working to advance our agenda, but unfortunately the reality is that I must spend a lot of time raising money to support the cause. …
Indeed, sending out all those emails take up a great deal of valuable time. I often wonder what this guy does all day. What does anyone still left at NOM do all day? Try to look busy?
That's one of the reasons I have been emphasizing the importance of NOM's Sustaining Member program. If we are successful in recruiting enough Sustaining Members, not only will our finances become much more stable and reliable, but our team will be able to devote less time to fundraising and have more time to pursue programs that advance the cause.…
What exactly is “the cause?” Feeding Brown's eight or nine children?

I suppose that there will always be pious people who will donate. Those are the folks who prayed real hard and often for a different outcome in Obergefell v. Hodges. Sending money to NOM with a hope and a prayer means that they are impervious to learning from experience.

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