Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The anti-trans lesbian

Taylor Fogarty
Allegedly Taylor Fogarty via Twitter
Taylor Fogarty describes herself on Twitter as “Writer, lesbian, former liberal, and truth teller. Send support: or”

She is actually using her Twitter profile as a money-beg. No sense of dignity. Fogarty writes from time-to-time for the rabidly anti-gay Federalist. Tuesday it is: “What Two Former Trans Men Want You To Know About All The Lies.”

The text of Forgarty's piece has caused me to wonder if these two people really exist. Why contact her of all people?

If anything, they were formerly trans women and lies means that they are, or were, unhappy being transgender. It is an exercise in intellectual dishonesty because of the many variables. I do not deny that there are desisters. However it doesn't mean anything in the context of gender affirmation. There are unstable transgender people just as there are unstable cisgender people.

Some of the variables include the age at which they were diagnosed, the qualifications of the psychiatrist, the age of social transition, the quality of therapy throughout the process, the severity of the underlying gender dysphoria and so on. Furthermore, it is undeniable that someone diagnosed with gender dysphoria today is going to receive better care than someone diagnosed ten years ago. There are enough considerations to fill this page. The point is that no one is an exemplar for anything.

Moreover, what remains true is that gender dysphoria does exist and it causes considerable suffering. It is also true that, for many patients, gender affirmation is the most effective means of mitigating the symptoms of gender dysphoria which can include intense feelings of anxiety and depression. I am not quoting from Taylor's essay because it is irrelevant. These are decisions that people should make in concert with their doctors. The opinions of anonymous people profiled by a blogger asking for donations are more irrelevant than the underlying piece.

Fogarty does have an interesting tweet:
Apparently she has a selfish “Drop the T” agenda. I think that embracing trans people makes us better and stronger. The fact that doing so might make some goals harder to attain is the very reason that transgender and gender nonconforming people deserve our full support. Demonizing trans people to supposedly further gay interests is decidedly distasteful, inappropriate and inconsistent with a social movement driven by the diversity of human sexuality.

Contrary to her tweet, Fogarty has not written about trans activism at all. Nor has she explained anything about the existence of trans homophobia. She has attempted to make the case that two supposedly unhappy anonymous trans people provide a reason for people not to be trans. She feels that doing so serves her interest in disassociating trans people from the larger LGBT community.

This provides some insight into why a gay woman would contribute to a bigoted outlet. She doesn't care as long as it suits her personal interests.

Besides, it is all rather ridiculous. What is the alternative for someone who is suffering and why should they suffer. Fogarty provides no answers. I keep up with the research. Recent studies suggest that most people who transition are better off and happier for having done so. However, my analysis is equally irrelevant. It is a decision that should be made case-by-case between individuals and their doctors. Those clinicians, by the way, should devote their practice to this area of medicine.

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