Friday, October 13, 2017

Today I reached my limit

Friday, October 13, 2017. Trump's psychopathy is now so pervasive that I feel like I have journeyed through the looking glass. If I thought for a moment that Trump had the country's best interests in mind it would be easier to cope. Yet I know that Trump is doing what Trump has done his whole life. Trump is a sociopath whose only interest is Trump.

Little wonder why Trump's children are so creepy and awkward. To satisfy what remains of his base, Trump became the first sitting president to speak to the anti-LGBT Values Voter Summit; an event orchestrated by a notorious hate group. In his spare time, Trump deliberately sabotaged the Affordable Care Act. Trump is so desperate to win the argument that he is willing to inflict real damage on the country.

If Trump had sufficient intellectual curiosity to understand health care he might appreciate the enormous complexity of covering preexisting conditions which require people to purchase quality policies. Allowing catastrophic coverage is the equivalent of allowing people to buy insurance when they need it. Trump doesn't have the curiosity because he simply doesn't care. None of this affects him. Everything is always all about Trump.

It doesn't affect me either. I only wish that it did not upset me so.

Somewhere around the eighth hole Trump also shredded the Iran agreement which will ruin the credibility of American foreign policy for decades. We are supposed to be sufficiently stable that major policy initiatives survive changes in administration. Trump is unstable and that means that we are unstable. By the twelfth hole, we left UNESCO. Yes, we have some basic and important policy differences with the organization. However, the only way to change that is from within. We rendered ourselves powerless to please the right-wing Christianists. What's next? Those cretins hate the United Nations.

What will this imbecile do next? We cannot know because Trump is abnormal; a man with the integrity of a serial killer. The man-boy is also a pathological liar on auto-pilot. The problem with liars is that they steal from us our ability to make fact-based decisions. They also keep us off balance.

If we impeach the son-of-a-bitch we end up with holier-than-thou Pence. We are royally fucked and we did it to ourselves. Many people who voted for the classiest occupant of the Oval Office in my lifetime either did not show up four years later or they voted for Trump.

What keeps me up at night is that this self-absorbed miscreant might pick more Supreme Court justices. Trump could influence public policy for a generation of Americans. Clarence Thomas has been on the Court for almost 27 years and could easily do another 15 or so. We are going to be stuck with Gorsuch for 30 years.

But my greatest fear is that America will become a country of slowly boiled frogs. We could become used to this chaos and with all of the lies, Trump keeps us confused. Trump just keeps adding logs to the fire and, before you know it, we will be at a full boil.

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