Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins is too stupid to keep his lies straight

Tony Perkins
I have an email from 5:22 AM from Tony Perkins. The subject reads: URGENT REPLY:
I only have few moments before my next meeting with Republican leaders on Capitol Hill, but it is so URGENT I hear from you. Please read and respond immediately.

While I can't divulge everything just yet, at this very moment, my staff and I are working with conservative leaders in the House, Senate, and White House to deliver ground breaking tax reform for families across the finish line...and we're so close!
We should be so lucky to have Congress critters at work at five in the morning. So that's the first problem.

Then, to a different email address at 3:21 PM, I received the exact same message. Therefore, Perkins was meeting conservative Congress members at 5:22 AM and then again in the afternoon before a long holiday weekend. Sure Tony. Sure.

Tony Perkins is not only a bigot but a lying sack of shit. More likely it is some moron in the employ of the hate group but the effect is the same. They think that everyone is as stupid as [fill in the blank].

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