Thursday, November 9, 2017

LaBarbera: 'Devastated'

Peter LaBarbera
Peter LaBarbera inspires a considerable amount of snark from me and others because he is an over-inflated caricature of conservative Christian bigotry. Sarcasm aside, LaBarbera's dysfunction begins and ends with a failure to see past someone's sexuality. That is all that he — or they — need to know.

On Wednesday, LaBarbera was having an epic meltdown over the fact that some transgender people were elected to public office.
I’m devastated to learn of the loss in the Virginia delegate race of pro-family hero Bob Marshall to a man who is pretending to be a woman, ‘Danica’ Roem. Bob is one of the most principled and effective state legislators in the nation, and of course there was egregious media bias in covering the race.

Out-of-state liberals sunk in tens of thousands of dollars to help the ‘transgender’ Roem because, well, liberals just can’t seem to celebrate gender confusion enough.
I do not know why the word transgender is within quotes. Or maybe I do. It is the notion that transgender people do not exist. More importantly, LaBarbera knows nothing about Ms. Roem; someone he disparages as “a man who is pretending to be a woman.” The denigration expresses an inability — and an unwillingness — to comprehend medical science. It speaks to a catastrophic lack of curiosity.

LaBarbera is not alone. I quoted from a piece written by Heather Clark at Christian News. Her headline reads: “Two Men Who Identify as Women Elected to Government Offices as Days Grow Darker.” Throughout the piece she refers to these trans women with male pronouns. It is an example of proud ignorance and bigotry. Clark's idiotic piece ends with scripture. The passages are subject to interpretation and the idea that Clark's god is perpetually pissed off and threatening. Most sane people think otherwise. The comments are an even greater disgrace.

I do not know why LGBT people drive these folks to distraction when there are so many greater sinners in our midst — people who do damage to other people. What is it about LGBT people that is so threatening? Chances are that they deal with LGBT people every day without knowing it. It must drive them more insane that they directly or indirectly pay LGBT people for goods and services all the time and they can do nothing about it.

There is evil in LaBarbera's own neighborhood:
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Google! Oh my. His email is handled by GoDaddy. I cannot imagine how many queers they employ.

In spite of all this stupidity, people are forking over money for LaBarbera's Americans for Truth About Homosexuality to stay in “business.” They do so in spite of the fact that this organization is not tax exempt and their donations are not tax deductible. One must be a real wizard to pay Peter. What good has he ever done?

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