Friday, November 17, 2017

LSU professor: "Don't call me 'Christian' any longer"

Robert Mann
If nothing else, Robert Mann is an interesting guy. Mann is a political historian and professor at LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication. Mann was a U.S. Senate staffer for almost 20 years having worked for senators Russell Long and John Breaux.

Mann has an opinion piece today at Times-Picayune/ which I will quote from, in part (emphasis added):
It's not only that many so-called Christians accept Moore's dubious denials over the testimony of these women. Just as troubling is that they worship Moore, unconcerned about whether he's a pedophile because, you know, any Democrat is worse than a child molester.

If you need any evidence about the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of the pretenders who have hijacked the Christian faith, consider that almost 40 percent of self-professed Evangelicals in Alabama say charges of pedophilia make them more, not less, likely to support Moore.

What I saw and heard over the past week on TV, social media and elsewhere has settled the matter for me. So, here's where I stand: If you think pedophilia is preferable to being a Democrat, then you and I do not belong to the same faith. If racism and homophobia aren't deal breakers for you, we worship different Gods.

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