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Maggie Gallagher is agitating again

Maggie Gallagher
The last I heard, Maggie Gallagher was heading up a sacred music project controlled by the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco. I figured that would keep her busy. I was wrong and, if a piece by American Family Association is correct, then Gallagher is still a senior fellow with the American Principles Project, a Robert P. George—Luis Tellez start-up.

She gave an interview to the folks at AFA which is designated a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center. According to AFA:

The 2016 elections were good for Republicans, with one notable exception: Democrat Roy Cooper beat out Republican incumbent Pat McCrory in the governor's race in North Carolina – but the central issue in that election was HB2, the state's bathroom bill which allowed men into women's restrooms. The Human Rights Campaign spent tens of thousands of dollars on Cooper and ran ads like this:
"More than 200 businesses have come out in opposition to HB2. The NBA is moving next year's All-Star game. And some film producers have said they'll stop shooting here."
The men-into-women's-restrooms bullshit never ends. It not only disregards the existence of trans women but it overlooks the fact that HB2 primarily targets children in the state's public schools. Tens of thousands of dollars in a gubernatorial campaign is far from a massive infusion and the advertisement is factually correct.
Maggie Gallagher, a senior fellow with American Principles Project, says all it would have taken for McCrory to be re-elected was one or two pro-family groups giving similar amounts of money.

"There was no organization that values life, marriage, or religious liberty that went in there to defend him," she explains – adding that that's the result of conservatives not using the political tools at hand.
Gallagher, I think, is incorrect. According to North Carolina campaign finance disclosures, Roy Cooper's campaign had receipts of $25 million while Pat McCrory was only able to raise about $15 million. “One or two pro-family groups” giving tens of thousands of dollars (as AFA summarizes) would not have made much difference. I seem to recall a number of Christian groups actively supporting McCrory.
"The left is politically organized and social conservatives are not really ...," she continues. "So we should stop talking like we're in politics if we're not going to actually build political institutions."

In a very real sense, says Gallagher, culture follows politics. "Politics is how we decide what's important, it's how we decide what's in or outside the mainstream, and it's how a lot of people in the middle hear messages other than those crafted by the mainstream media and Hollywood," she says.
Nah. Politics reflects culture — Not the other way around. Conservative Christian activism shapes politics far more than politics shapes conservative Christian opinion. Conservative Christians want government to reflect their values which engenders their political activity. Those values are scriptural not political.
"It's really urgent – and yes, it might be too late. The Republican Party shut down [and] the left is mopping up on the idea that they can shut down the Republican Party on any issue they choose," Gallagher tells OneNewsNow. "And once they're convinced of that, you're going to see things that make your head spin."

America, she adds, is well on its way to being a country where it's unacceptable to be a traditional Christian.
The Republican party is being victimized by Agent Orange who continues to pander to the Christian right. Before Trump's ass squished the upholstery on the chair in the oval office he was campaigning for 2020 instead of governing. Every decision that he makes us geared to making him a two-term president. He seems to be failing but he cannot be underestimated. As for those “things that make your head spin,” many are supported by the Catholic Church including a robust social safety net and quality healthcare for all.

Gallagher's problem, one that stems from Robert P. George, is that they seem to be obsessed with the Church's teachings on human sexuality which are completely disconnected from science. Every thought they have has some connection to LGBT people in one way or another. If America is on the way to making it unacceptable to be a traditional Christian (which is doubtful) they have only themselves to blame. It has nothing to do with elections. Rather, it is their inability to grow intellectually and socially.

For example, two-thirds of our citizens are proponents of marriage equality. Yet, they are still railing against Obergefell. Most people are opposed to abortion while, at the same time, being in favor of reproductive choice. Those same conservative Christians seem incapable of accepting that those two things are not mutually exclusive.

I would not expect most Christian denominations and the Catholic Church to change their ideology but there is an issue of perspective. There are much more important things than same-sex marriage and reproductive choice. Rather than engaging in politics they might do better if they stayed the hell out of politics and rearranged some priorities.

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