Friday, November 17, 2017

Tim Dolan goes all-in on pray-away-the-gay

Timothy M. Dolan
Cardinal Timothy Dolan has a diverse New York City constituency. He seemed, of late, to have made a conscious decision that he would not be a lightning rod for homophobia and transphobia. Today Dolan announced, via a press release, that he was endorsing a website as a resource for the care of “Same-sex Attracted Persons.”

Calling gay people same-sex attracted guarantees that you are pissing them off. It is an intellectually dishonest attempt to liken a disapproved sexual orientation to something like a drug habit. It's a close cousin to the Gay Lifestyle and a second cousin to the Homosexual Agenda.
"I am pleased to introduce to you and recommend [Truth & Love] as a valuable tool for anyone who wishes to understand the host of theological and pastoral issues related to the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality and those who experience same-sex attraction," writes Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York and head of Courage International's episcopal board.

The cardinal made these remarks in Truth & Love's inaugural blog post, published Nov. 9, 2017. This blog will be updated on a weekly basis, and will feature articles from experts in the various topics related to those explored on the website.
Some of the fare includes: “Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution” by Dr. Paul McHugh; “Sex Change Regret: From Male to Female and Back Again” by Walt Heyer, and a synopsis of McHugh's/Mayer's post to the New Atlantis which is nothing more than a pretentious conservative Christian blog.

There is also an endorsement of the 1996 book “Someone I Love is Gay, How Family and Friends Can Respond” by Anita Worthen and Bob Davies. Properly titled: “How to alienate your gay child while making him or her neurotic.

My personal favorite is “Same-Sex Attractions As A Symptom of A Broken Heart” by Dr. Timothy Lock. You can learn about Lock at I first learned about Dr. Lock when he was a speaker at an anti-LGBT conference at the Vatican in 2015. Lock was on the board of the Courage Ministry for six years. And, no — you mindless moron; Being gay is not symptomatic of anything. It is a natural variant of human sexuality. Lock would understand this if:
  1. He did not prostitute his profession in an attempt to conform to an ideology and;
  2. He understood the positions of his own professional organization.
Let me put this another way. Catholicism is a belief system. Psychology is a science. A belief system is based on faith while science is based on evidence. It is impossible to combine the two things. It makes no more sense than trying to combine jet propulsion science with the Hindu Vedic texts (1500 - 1000 BCE). They are not remotely relevant to each other. They are not compatible.

We already know about McHugh, Mayer and Hyer. Dr. Lock, however, is the Crackpot du Jour. All of this would be laughable were it not for the fact that pious parents buy into this bullshit. They then make their LGBT children needlessly miserable. As adults this nonsense serves as the pretext for oppression and discrimination. Dolan should know better. He does not. It is time for an educated man like Dolan to find a way to properly separate faith and science.

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