Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Roy Moore
On Monday, Roy Moore presumed (as did I) that he would win Alabama's special election. Moore told supporters:
It’s God’s will whatever happens, so we’re expecting God to do whatever he does will be the right thing to do.
Moore restated this claim Tuesday evening when he refused to concede to Doug Jones. The disgraced former jurist is now in a rather tight spot. If he is truly as pious as he claims to be he must admit that God prefers Doug Jones and that God did the right thing.

The margin of victory is close to 2% far greater than the 0.5% margin that would trigger a recount. Even in Ala (expletive deleted) bama, this is a done deal. Now we will see if Mr. Moore can summon the dignity and class necessary to concede. Thus far he has proved to be a bigot and classless buffoon. We will see.

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