Friday, December 1, 2017

Mat Staver resumes LGBT bashing in a money-beg

Mat Staver
"Mad Mat" Staver
Hate Group Leader Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel) found some other hobbies of late. However, Staver is a cynic. He knows that LGBT issues anger his constituency — making them more likely to donate. According to Mad Mat in an email received Friday:
Unprecedented threats are coming through the militant "LGBT" agenda. Same-sex "marriage" and the abolition of gender will directly impact every American and every institution. This attack on liberty is coercive, unyielding and highly aggressive. No one will be exempt from its reach!
Staver is obviously a militant Christian supremacist. Compare that to LGBT activists. I do not know of anyone in the LGBT community who has ever striven for supremacy. The impetus has always been for equal treatment under law. Nothing more and nothing less. It is Staver and his ilk who pose the greatest threat to our way of life. Their America would look a lot more like Iran than anything conceived of by Madison or Jefferson.

Most states effected marriage equality prior — or in reaction — to the Supreme Court's ruling in United States v. Windsor. That case was decided 4½ years ago. About the only people who have been affected are the gay couples who have married and their families.

Claiming that an evolution in the treatment of gender dysphoria abolishes gender is idiotic hyperbole. This is an issue of medical science that affects about 0.6% of the population leaving 99.4% of us as cisgender.

Claiming that there is some coercive attack on liberty is irresponsibly inflammatory hyperbole. It is also quite imbecilic. It is a familiar form of rhetoric. Staver wants people to be afraid of the disfavored minority in order to conclude that his organization is a solution so that people will open up their wallets. That makes Staver a fear monger and a hate monger. It isolates him from polite society — at least it should.

Right on cue, Staver poses the solution:
Because religious liberty must be defended, Liberty Counsel is resolved to meet the escalating challenges in the nation's courtrooms, in the legislative chambers and in the court of public opinion…
Of course Staver fails to mention that Liberty Counsel usually loses its cases. It is long on bombast and short on legal talent. One passage of Staver's diatribe is telling:
Won a victory on behalf of Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis against the ACLU in which the court ruled that neither Kim Davis nor Rowan County are liable for attorney's fees over the marriage license issue that began in 2015. The Kentucky legislature passed a law in 2016 to accommodate Kim Davis and other clerks to protect their religious freedom.
The trial judge disagreed. That is why he ordered the state to pay $224,703 to the ACLU. The winner in litigation recoups legal fees from the loser (Kim Davis and Mat Staver). The fact that the legislature made a change to the license form is irrelevant. Signing the form evolved as the reason for Davis' disobedience as an elected public official. Staver is lucky not to have been sanctioned given that he told Davis not to obey a judge's order.
Liberty Counsel is also strategic in the use of resources. Incredibly, 100 percent of the gifts we receive from generous donors like you goes directly to our vital educational and legal programs! How is this possible? We cover fundraising and administrative costs with support from other sources, including court-awarded attorneys' fees from our opposition.
I would love to know which cases resulted in legal fees awarded to Liberty Counsel. Staver is unspecific. Meanwhile they very well may be on the hook for LC's suit against Guidestar in Eastern Virginia. It is identical to claims made against Guidestar (plus SPLC and Amazon) in the Middle District of Alabama by Coral Ridge Ministries. The complaint against Guidestar has already been dismissed. The same result is likely in Virginia whereupon the court will award attorneys fees to Guidestar and those would be paid directly by Liberty Counsel.

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