Wednesday, December 6, 2017

One-third of evangelicals say that Trump could do nothing to lose their support

Donald Trump
According to research released Tuesday by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), white men, those without a college degree and white evangelicals continue to be the president's strongest supporters. Too bad the rest of us didn't all vote.

Nearly one-third of white evangelicals said that there is “almost nothing President Trump could do to lose my approval.” Those folks are our country's keenest critical thinkers. In fact, 37% of Trump supporters claim that there is nothing Trump could do do lose their support. They are wizards.

There is some sanity: A majority (53%) of the public does not believe Trump is looking out for their interests, while close to half (46%) say he is doing this at least somewhat well.

A reminder dear citizens (including that 46%): The president of the United States of America is supposed to work in favor of the best interests of citizens first, last and always. Somewhat is the equal of not at all. Trump has yet to do anything that was not in the best interests of Donald John Trump.

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