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Oppressing gays while simultaneously claiming victim-hood

 Father Mark Hodges
Father Mark Hodges
An irresponsible headline at LifeSiteNews reads: “Christians fear retribution for opposing same-sex ‘marriage’ in Australia.” The author is Orthodox priest, Mark Hodges. Here he is complaining about how Christians are treated. Yet Hodges insists on the petty quotation marks around the word marriage — as if that changes anything related to the legal recognition of civil marriage. In that regard, our marriages are as good as his marriage (yes, he is a married priest).

According to Hodges:
Christians in Australia who uphold the sanctity of one-man, one-woman marriage are feeling threatened after the country legalized same-sex “marriage” last week.

After a volunteer mail-in survey, lawmakers in both houses of Parliament passed a law legalizing homosexual “marriage” last week. But as Pastor Mark Powell put it in The Spectator Australia, “Let it be known that on the December 7, 2017 – the day in Australian Parliamentary history when “love won” – the hate campaign truly began.”
Hodges libretto or a restructuring of the English language. People who “uphold the sanctity of one-man, one-woman marriage” are probably those thus wed. It has nothing to do with same-sex marriage. What Hodges means is people who oppose same sex marriage which is a different thing entirely. What “hate campaign” are they referring to?
Powell was referring to a “deluge” of hate mail and social media posts from homosexual activists directed at traditional marriage supporters, all under the hashtag “Love Wins.”

One of the leading supporters of man/woman marriage, Lyle Shelton, received what Powell calls a “Twitter storm attack.” The posts are not publishable here, but suffice it to say cursing and disease contracted in one of the most disgusting ways is the repeated wish upon Shelton and followers of Christ’s teachings.
Mail, hate or otherwise, doesn't usually have a hashtag. Last time I checked, tweets were pretty harmless. But I will tell you what is not harmless. That would be Mr. Shelton's bigotry. Shelton has repeatedly referred to the children of gay couples as the Stolen Generation; something that has unique meaning in Australia. The Stolen Generation or Stolen Children refers to aboriginal or mixed-race children who were removed from their families and placed with white families. Moreover, this is a particularly cruel criticism because Shelton is attacking both the parents and their children. Shelton is also an advocate of conversion therapy for gay children.

Mr. Shelton craves and gets considerable media attention. He has attracted some very due criticism. If he feels that any of those tweets are threatening then he should report that to Twitter. I went back a couple of days and didn't find what Hodges described. That doesn't mean it's not there but I cannot find it (although I profess Twitter incompetence). Yet even if it is there, so what? Criticism is not hate.
Only a week before, the same people assured the concerned populace that they posed no threat but were only interested in live-and-let-live tolerance of same-sex “marriage.”
Oh here we go. Not only did the Christian conservatives use NOM's losing arguments but now they are using the same talking points after the fact. What threat? From whom? Someone criticizing Lyle Shelton via Twitter is not a threat to anyone.
Powell put the concern of traditionalists in perspective by turning the tables. “Just imagine the backlash if people who wanted to retain the historic definition of marriage responded in this way?”
Pastor Powell doesn't define what “this way” means and don't for a minute suggest that we aren't the recipients of considerable anti-gay bigotry. And from whom does that hate and ignorance emanate Rev. Powell?
Homosexuals attack ex-gay

Simultaneously, a church program to help those with unwanted same-sex attractions was cruelly condemned, regardless of the needs of men and women desperate to leave the dangerous lifestyle.

The Perth City Church of Christ hosted James Parker, an ex-gay man who converted to Christ and is now the head of a family. The husband and father openly admitted his previous promiscuous lifestyle and offered concrete hope to entrapped homosexuals that there is a way out.
If this schmuck would stop referring to sexual orientation as a lifestyle and if he would not claim that a sexual orientation he disapproves of is dangerous, perhaps there would be less criticism headed his way. If Hodges and people like Hodges make gay people “desperate” then they should take responsibility for their actions.

That Church program doesn't help anyone. It is pseudoscience that does real harm to gay people by suggesting — contrary to a mountain of scientific evidence — that gay people can be “cured.” Gay people aren't “trapped.” According to the research, James Parker has learned how to pretend to be straight in order to please others who should not be disapproving in the first place.

And what, exactly, does this have to do with marriage? Again, this is criticism. It is not a threat.
Responding to promotion of Parker’s event, pro-homosexual social media posters were merciless. Apparently threatened by the idea that homosexuality can be healed -- and that anyone would want to be healed of the malady -- many attempted to silence the message by attacking the messenger.
Hodges is claiming that gays require healing and that being gay is a malady. Then he expresses anxiety over the opprobrium. We are not threatened by this nonsense. We are angered because it promotes a false understanding of sexual orientation which becomes the pretext for discrimination and oppression. There is no science to support the idea that people can change their sexual orientation.
Meningitis outbreak

Meanwhile, a possibly gay-transmitted disease has spread to the point that the a public health warning was posted.

The government issued an alert about an outbreak of a strain of meningococcal, a life-threatening bacteria infecting a growing number of men in the Northern Territory. The territory Department of Health advised all citizens to be careful, as the disease is spread only by “close and prolonged contact” with saliva, such as in deep kissing.
This is just bullshit. There is no other way to describe it. Now Hodges is calling us diseased which complaining about our criticism. Meningitis affects gay and straight people equally. It is not “gay-transmitted” as Hodges suggests. Where do they come up with this crap and what does this have to do with marriage? And what does this have to do with those poor Christians feeling threatened?

Allow me to repeat the first paragraph of this diatribe:
Christians in Australia who uphold the sanctity of one-man, one-woman marriage are feeling threatened after the country legalized same-sex “marriage” last week.
Father Hodges has not cited a single example of anyone being threatened. Not one. I call that intentional dishonesty. The priest is full of crap. He will only create more persecution of gay people. It is gay people who really are a threatened minority. Hodges deserves personal responsibility for some of that.

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