Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The latest pot of hate from General Jerry

One hate group reporting on the antics of another hate group.
Jerry Boykin
Hate group activist, Jerry Boykin (Family Research Council)
Retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin never retires from being an obnoxious Christian supremacist when it comes to LGBT people. America Family Association reports that Boykin is urging Trump “to appoint federal judges who follow the U.S. Constitution.” What that really means is that Boykin wants judges who will make rulings in accordance with conservative Christian doctrine — something that is expressly prohibited by the Constitution.

Boykin will say, straight to your face that the Establishment Clause doesn't mean precisely what it says. According to Chad Groening, one of AFA's village idiots:
Trump ordered the Pentagon to reverse an Obama-era policy that allows open transgender recruits in the U.S. armed forces but federal judges, responding to a lawsuit, have ordered the original policy to stand despite legal fights from the new administration.
Accompanying the text is an unflattering photo of Chelsea Manning. Of course.

Trump doesn't get to tweet directions and have them fulfilled. Moreover, there are thousands of transgender troops serving with honor. 20 countries allow transgender military service including Israel where national defense is a vital priority. Research on the impacts of allowing LGBT to serve openly in the Israeli Defense Forces, British Armed Forces, and Canadian Armed Forces found no negative impacts on performance, unit cohesion or morality.

Of course the presence of trans troops offends Jerry's delicate Christian sensitivities. The poor thing.

Groening concludes:
Asked about the pro-LGBT policies enacted by Barack Obama, Boykin says those policies will likely remain because Congress will be too afraid to return to the Clinton-era "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy.

"Look, it never should have been done in the first place," he observes. "But this is the consequence of an election and don't think you can reverse that and turn it back."
Notice how Boykin offers no reason to bar gay people from serving. Boykin is a mindless slave to those ancient texts which place Earth at the center of the universe. It's scary that someone this prejudiced and shallow was once a general. Family Research Council made no headway towards not being designated a hate group when it hired Boykin.

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