Tuesday, November 13, 2018

AFA must need money - It's Target time again - UPDATED

Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon (American Family Association)
Image: YouTube
Were I to confuse correlation with causation I might claim that American Family Association's silly boycott of Target Corp. has been beneficial to the company. Earnings are up, dividends are up and guidance is up. Target (NYSE:TGT) is expected to report strong third quarter results next week.

AFA, an anti-LGBT hate group, is still digging in. I suppose that it still brings in the sheaves.

The only thing "absurd," Michael Brown, is the idiotic argument

It might seem relatively harmless in its abject stupidity. Yet, what Brown is promoting is bigotry and ignorance.
Dr. Michael Brown
The judgmental Michael Brown is promoting cruelty
Image via YouTube
Some people think that people of faith are stupid. I am not one of those but Dr. Michael Brown might cause me to change my mind. Late Monday Brown wrote: Man wanting courts to make him 20 years younger highlights absurdity of transgender claim.
The only absurdity is the comparison
Michael Brown is fond of rhetorical questions:
You knew it had to happen sooner or later. After all, if a biological, chromosomal male who identifies as "female" can have his birth certificate changed to female, why can’t a 69-year-old man who feels like he’s 49 have his age legally changed?

Monday, November 12, 2018

"Boy Erased" is scaring the crap out of some people

Larry Tomczak
Larry Tomczak is determined to convince everyone else that conversion therapy is a proven reality.
2015 Image via YouTube
A great deal of LGBT oppression on behalf of religious conservatives is premised on the effectiveness of conversion therapy. In accounting, when debits and credits are out of balance and when that imbalance is corrected with an arbitrary entry, it is called “a force.” Conversion therapy is a theological force. For religious literalists it claims to prove that their god did not create LGBT people.

A new film — Boy Erased — provides a contrary narrative and a true story. The son of a Baptist preacher is given an ultimatum to either submit to a gay conversion program (after being forcibly outed to his parents) or be forever exiled and shunned. The outcome is quite predictable. The young man stays quite gay.

A teen suffers from extreme bullying in Texas

An actual Instagram sample of a teen bullied online and physically in a Texas high school | Image via Dallas Voice
I urge people to read the entire article at The Dallas Voice, written by Micah Moore.
It happened one day after basketball practice, as students were changing in the locker room, the same day Matthew sank the shot from mid-court.

According to Matthew, two students grabbed him and tried to hold him down. He managed to break free. But one of the boys grabbed him from behind and started dry-humping him while another student grabbed his face, telling him, “You looked beautiful today” and calling him “faggot.”

Saturday, November 10, 2018

URGENT call for FL recount volunteers, particularly attorneys - ALL COUNTIES!

Image: Public domain
Hundreds of volunteers are needed to participate in the pending Florida recounts. Attorneys are particularly helpful in this process, but anyone willing to be a firm advocate for democracy and fairness in this process can participate.

To participate please complete this brief form.

Friday, November 9, 2018


This offensive photo is part of an article on LifeSiteNews objecting to transgender accommodations in Sarasota, Florida schools. It dishonestly depicts a transgender school girl as an adult male who poses a threat to the little girl in the adjoining stall. 
The Southern Poverty Law Center no longer lists hate sites as hate groups. If the SPLC resumed that practice then LifeSiteNews.com would surely be included.

LifeSiteNews is an ultra-orthodox Catholic operation. I get faith. I really do. While I am not a believer I am not wed to the notion that people of faith are either stupid or pernicious. Orthodoxy diminishes critical thinking but that does not connote evil intent independent of actual malevolent conduct.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

In Florida, desperately seeking an Occam alternative for the voter tally

Occam's razor stipulates that when there are competing hypotheses to explain something, the simplest is usually the correct choice.
Image: Public domain
I am at a loss to find a simple explanation for Florida's apparent vote tally in 2018.

In Broward County Florida (county seat Fort Lauderdale) there is an election anomaly. As of Thursday morning, 665,688 citizens voted for either Rick Scott or Bill Nelson for Nelson's U.S. Senate seat. Yet 690,153 citizens voted for their choice of governor. In other words, on the same ballot, in succeeding questions, 24,465 more people voted for governor than senator. That makes no sense at all.

Tony Perkins never misses an opportunity to demonstrate his bigotry

Tony Perkins
Image: YouTube/Fox News
Thursday, Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) reminds us of his willful ignorance regarding transgender people. Perkins writes: Mind-boggling: Prof refuses to call male student ‘ma’am,’ may get fired. The male student is a transgender woman. What is mind-boggling is Perkins' dependence on ancient texts. His reliance causes Perkins to insist that gender is synonymous with sex. It transforms faith and religion into noxious superstition.

Wednesday I wrote about Nicholas K. Meriwether, a philosophy professor at Shawnee State University in Ohio. Meriwether was criticized by his employer for not having the common courtesy to address a student, a transgender woman, with appropriate pronouns. Indeed, Meriwether went out of his way to express his religious disapproval.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Litigation: What is so damned difficult about correctly gendering people?

Why must conservative Christians exploit every available opportunity to express their disapproval of LGBT people?
Personally, I find it awkward to refer to an individual as “they.” It is not a judgment about the individual; it is just, as I said, awkward. However, it is not my place to determine how someone is addressed. I was brought up to understand that we address people as they choose to be addressed.

People who refer to the “Democrat Party” are schmucks. They do it to harmlessly annoy Democrats. Yet people who misgender transgender folks are on a different plane. They are intentionally harming other people; vulnerable transgender people who are already the objects of derision.

Just in passing: Kim Davis

Kim Davis
Kim Davis presumed to be anointed by God to be a county clerk in rural Kentucky.
Image via Liberty Counsel
Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who thought that she had the right to decide who had God's approval to obtain a marriage license, lost her reelection bid last night. Democrat Elwood Caudill Jr. defeated Davis by a margin of 54% to 46%. Perhaps she can now get a job cleaning rooms at a local Motel 6. More likely she will go on the hate circuit where she can defame LGBT people for a profit.

MassResistance loses a big one in Massachusetts

Nearly 70% of Massachusetts voters elected to retain existing protections for transgender people.
This campaign didn't quite work for MassResistance as they expected. Voters overwhelmingly approved Question 3, retaining protections for transgender folks.
MassResistance, the Massachusetts hate group, was at the helm of Keep MA Safe, the campaign to strip transgender citizens of protections. Along with a number of religious groups made the customary appeals claiming that the safety of women and children was imperiled by bathroom accommodations.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Brian S. Brown discusses his penile implant

Brian S. Brown
I support marriage. Hell, Dan Savage supports marriage and so do the folks at the Human Rights Campaign.
Image: NOM
Not really. He hasn't discussed his equipment but today's money-beg is no less shameful:
Today is the day we've been waiting for – election day – which will have a major impact on the future direction of the country. The stakes are high. NOM has been focused on four key US Senate races which will determine whether the Republicans maintain, or even increase, their majority or if the obstructionist Chuck Schumer and the Democrats will take over. As President Trump said yesterday, that would unleash a wrecking ball to our national priorities.

Stupid or wed to the notion that everyone else is an idiot?

Peter LaBarbera
Peter LaBarbera - "Voila! Irrefutable logic."
Image: YouTube
Hate group leader (and all-around douchebag) Peter LaBarbera actually paid for a press release at Christian Newswire believing that he can influence voter turnout. The title of this bit of genius reads: Nancy Pelosi Promises Radical LGBTQ 'Equality Act' if Democrats Win House, While GOP Candidates Self-Censor on Homosexual Agenda. Pete likes long titles.
Nancy Pelosi
The most dangerous legislation ever to come out of the revolutionary "gay" activist movement – the federal "Equality Act," which proposes adding "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" as protected classes in the Civil Rights code – hangs in the balance as Americans go to the polls today.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Another Ex-Gay Event is a Flop

Are these supposedly “ex-gays” trying to convince others or, … themselves?
Freedom March Los Angeles
Freedom March Los Angeles, November 4, 2018. According to Charisma, “Participant M.J .Nixon, founder of Uprooted Heart Inc., says the group released the sound of freedom that will forever impact the city.”
Image source: Charisma
Sunday was the so-called Freedom March in Los Angeles. This is a come-to-Jesus-pray-away-the-gay staple and it looks like fives of people showed up. Apparently they generated about the same level of interest that they had last May:

Fr. D. Paul Sullins: Gay men are pedophiles and pederasts

Rev. D. Paul Sullins
Rev. D. Paul Sullins, Ruth Institute
Image via YouTube
On Friday, D. Paul Sullins and Ruth Institute announced a new study based on a review of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, data codified from the 1100-page Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report released in August 2018, and data from a 2002 survey of Catholic priests by the Los Angeles Times. According to the press release:
The Ruth Institute study shows:
  • a disturbing recent increase in the number of sexual incidents reported since 2010.
  • a strong correlation between the percentage of self-described homosexuals in the Catholic priesthood and the incidence of sexual abuse of minors by the clergy.

Friday, November 2, 2018

From the journals: Is there a link between gender dysphoria and autism?

First from Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry,  November 2018. The lead investigator is Jack L. Turban at Harvard. Emphasis added:
The topic of gender identity in children and adolescents has gained widespread attention in Western society during the past decade … More recently, growing attention has been paid to a putative relation between gender dysphoria (GD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This concept has become particularly popular in the lay press. Some individuals have gone so far as to suggest that transgender identity is a result of underlying psychopathology, with ASD being one example. These conclusions are not supported by extant research, and practicing child and adolescent psychiatrists should be aware of the literature on this topic and its limitations.

A lesson in literacy from Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer
Bryan Fischer explains it all for you
Image via YouTube/AFA
American Family Association windbag, Bryan Fischer, has some interesting ideas about what certain verbiage means.
One of the most pernicious distortions of the plain meaning of the Constitution is the conceit that U.S. citizenship automatically belongs to anyone born in America.

It doesn’t.

Exquisite Prose From David Lane

David Lane
Image via Vimeo/American Renewal Project
David Lane, Christian Nationalist, Dominionist, Creepy Republican Operative and anti-LGBT bigot writes at his American Renewal Project: AFRICAN-AMERICANS ENGAGE THE MOST WITH THE BIBLE THAN ANY OTHER US ETHNIC GROUP.

I suppose that makes perfect sense to Mr. Lane. Lane can spout scripture rapidly and with ease. Authoring a coherent secular sentence? Not so much.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Who writes this crap for Family Policy Alliance?

“This is just rank bigotry.”
Paul Weber
Paul Weber | Image via Family Policy Alliance
Family Policy Alliance is, in reality, an affiliate of Focus on the Family. Most of the board members are employees or associated with Focus on the Family and the organization occupies space adjacent to Focus on the Family. (It might actually be on Focus' campus.)

FPA is a relatively small organization with fewer than 20 employees. Therefore, I will blame its president, Paul Weber for: What’s Next on the Transgender Front? Here’s a Stunning List. No other author is identified. Is someone ashamed of their bigotry? Weber, by the way, is a former employee of Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBT hate group.

Were they Canadians the racist Trump would be silent

CBN: Trump May Send 15,000 Troops to Border, Vowing 'We're Not Going to Let Them Come Into Our Country'

It looks like Donald Trump is going to ride dishonesty into election day. He is suggesting that, without military might, the current caravan will invade the United States. Trump knows that is untrue but he also knows that his base will buy just about any BS from Agent Orange. We have a unique new class of citizens: People who like being lied to.
"As far as the caravan is concerned our military is out," President Trump said early Wednesday at the White House. "We have about 5,008. We'll go up to anywhere between 10 and 15,000 military personnel on top of Border Patrol, ICE and everybody else at the border. Nobody's coming in. We're not allowing people to come in."

Upgrading to Fedora 29 was boringly uneventful

I suppose that it is a good thing that nothing went wrong. Hats off to the many dedicated open source developers. I have become a Linux evangelist.

I remember a time when every upgrade was an adventure. One had to download the new version, burn it to a DVD and then, essentially, reinstall Linux. Then even the atheists among us had to pray that everything worked as it was supposed to. After all that one had to find the right incantations to get certain packages to yield to our will. That's all behind us.

Ooh, a CONFIDENTIAL money-beg

Concerned Women for America is not designated a hate group by the SPLC but it sure as hell is one. This in spite of the fact that the founder, Beverly LaHaye, has a gay son. Peter LaBarbera and Mat Barber are just two of the very insane people who have worked for CWA.

The text of the email reads:
I just got out of a meeting with our finance team, and if we don't raise $29,000 by midnight tonight, we may have to cut back on our critical Concerned Women Vote program.

Aside from the hate, Tony Perkins is profoundly dishonest

Tony Perkins
Hate group leader Tony Perkins demonstrates his contempt for transgender people.
Image via YouTube/Fox News
Wednesday, hate group leader Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) writes: Even ‘sex change’ surgeons now expressing doubt about transgenderism. Perkins' purpose is to dishonestly defame and marginalize transgender people because of his greed and a religious objection to their very existence.

According to Perkins:
Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic is not your normal physician. He came to fame more than two decades ago, making a name for himself as one of the world's premiere genital reconstruction surgeons.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Odd $25/hour offer - GOPer GOTV

This is all very odd.
“RE: Conservatives can earn $25 per hour to help turn out the vote! | You worked with us in 2016 and we need your help again!!”

An email to with the above subject came to my regular email account. It is addressed to “David.” The source is Morgan <info@grassroots-florida.com>

The text:

Up is down, left is right and anti-discrimination is discrimination

Mary Beth Waddell
Mary Beth Waddell fits right in with her employer, Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group. | Photo via Family Research Council.
Wednesday, Christian Broadcasting Network has a piece on their website titled: The LGBT Bill You Should Know About if Democrats Take Congress. They are referring to the Equality Act. The measure would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes. As much as I would like to see this become law, its chances over the next two years are zero.

It is a virtual certainty that Trump would veto the bill and Democrats are not going to have veto-proof majorities in either chamber of Congress.

The purpose of CBN's piece is simple. CBN is a 501(c)3 which is prohibited from political activity. This is a way to circumvent regulations. “Be afraid of LGBT people and vote Republican.”

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hate group promotes a hate group which promotes another hate group's trans hate

Laurie Higgins
Laurie Higgins | Image via IL Family Institute, date unknown
Sorry for that headline. Here are the three hate groups involved:
  1. American Family Association (AFA)
  2. Illinois Family Institute (IFI)
  3. American College of Pediatricians (ACpeds)
According to Bob Kellogg, a propagandist for AFA: Parents warned not to fall for docs' gender-identity thesis.
The nation's largest association of pediatricians has released a dangerous and misleading policy statement about transgender intervention, according to a cultural issues writer.

LaBarfera gets no respect

Democrat Chris Pappas wants to represent New Hampshire's First Congressional District. Pappas happens to be gay - Enter Peter LaBarbera.
Photo via CNN
According to American Family Association propagandist, Chad Groening:
The race in New Hampshire's First Congressional District is a battle between black conservative Republican Eddie Edwards and homosexual liberal Democrat Chris Pappas, who currently has a five point lead in the polls. Some political pundits have warned Republicans not to make an issue out of Pappas's sexual orientation, but Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) does not really agree with that.

Blaming and smearing gay men as cause for pedophile priest problem

“Conservative Catholics are desperate to assign blame for abusive priests on evil homosexuals.”
Dorothy Cummings McLean
Photo via LifeSiteNews
Dorothy Cummings McLean, a prolific Catholic writer from Scotland, is very upset. She is dismayed to note: Jesuit-run America mag runs article denying link between homosexuality and clergy sex abuse. I give her some credit for a proper explanation:
The Jesuit-run publication America has carried an article by a professor-psychologist who claims that homosexuality is not the "root cause" of clerical sexual abuse. The photo accompanying the article contained an angel with a rainbow in the background.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Witherspoon Institute's pseudo-intellectual blog and the hate group

Dr. Andre Van Mol
Dr. Andre Van Mol should decide whether he wants to be a Christian cleric carrying water for a hate group or a physician who puts the interests of patients above all else.
Photo: Facebook
Monday, Dr. Andre Van Mol writes: Transing California Foster Children & Why Doctors Like Us Opposed It. Van Mol is co-chair of American College of Pediatricians, a roughly 200 member conservative Christian organization and hate group. Thus “doctors like us” is irrelevant. It refers to a relative handful of medical crackpots who subvert science to the ancient texts of their religion.

Van Mol, out of Redding California, is board certified in family medicine. He is unfaithful to his oath.
According to Van Mol:

Pray away that gay - Another trip to crazytown and a "Freedom March"

Freedom March
The May, 2018 Freedom March in DC was not exactly a blazing success. The same potty people are at it again this November.
Photo: Doug Mainwaring/LifeSiteNews
Some familiar loons are planning a Freedom March in Los Angeles on November 4. “Freedom” as in claiming to no longer have sexuality that conservative Christians disapprove of because of their ancient texts.

Last May, Jeffrey McCall, along with M.J. Nixon and Edward Byrd, organized a march on Washington. Elizabeth Johnston, the so-call Activist Mommy was supposed to speak. As you can see from the photo, above, it was not exactly a massive demonstration. This time around they have added a Californian, Kimberly Zember, to the dysfunction.

This is quite some crew:

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hate Site LifeSiteNews was whacked by its hosting company

Steve Jalsevac, LifeSiteNews
Image via LifeSiteNews
I am sure this is just temporary but the hosting company for LifeSiteNews (LSN) has pulled the plug on their rabid hate site. LSN is led by irrational Canadian extremists who believe that the current pope is “pro-homosexual.” Managing director, Steve Jalsevac, is absolutely crazy. He is wed to the belief that George Soros is the leader of a New World Order© conspiracy which is behind Trump's poor approval ratings.

Last night I received an “urgent” email from John-Henry Westen and Steve Jalsevac, the top two executives of LSN. At 8:30 PM their web host gave them 12 hours to find a new hosting company. Of course this was all blamed on evil gays.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Sen Susan Collins raising money off of her Kavanaugh vote

Embed from Getty Images
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is up for reelection in 2020 and she is already raising money for that contest. Collins claims that her need is “immediate” which is just the start of her falsehoods. Trump is apparently contagious.

The fundraising email to conservatives is titled: Standing up for what's right:
I am proud of my decision to defend Justice Brett Kavanaugh's nomination and confirmation to the Supreme Court. I believe it was essential that we upheld due process, the rule of law, and stood for what was right.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Taking on Tim Cook with Pray Away the Gay

Embed from Getty Images
Tim Cook is the CEO of arguably the largest company on the planet (current market cap=$1.1 trillion). Thus I presume that Tim Cook is one of the smartest people on earth. Mr. Cook recently said: “Being gay is God's greatest gift to me.”

That doesn't sit well with Shane Idleman, lead pastor at Westside Christian Fellowship. According to the IRS, that is really Leona Valley Community Church in Leona Valley, CA (2010 population: 1,607). It is safe to say that Shane Idleman is probably not one of the smartest people on the planet.

Lying is not a difference of opinion

David Marcus
David Marcus|via The Federalist
Friday, David Marcus is complaining about a Google decision to whack a video for being transphobic.

David Marcus has a problem with LGBT people. It's odd because he is involved in an off-Broadway theater project (Blue Box World). Take LGBT people out of New York City theater production and you are probably left with a theatrical presentation of The Apprentice (with Anthony Scaramucci as Trump).

Readers of SBF know that I am friendly with a number of people with whom I have considerable differences of opinion. I have learned a great deal from people I disagree with. They force us to construct better arguments and to find more evidence to support our opinions. Sometimes they are right. Being proved wrong is as beneficial as being proved correct about something.

Sayoc has three arrests in Miami Dade

Alleged MAGA-Bomber, Cesar Sayoc, Jr.
Cesar Sayoc Jr., the man taken into custody in connection with the MAGA-Bomber, has three arrests in Miami-Dade. Two are for petit theft. However in 2002 he was arrested for “Bomb/Threat to throw.” He was placed on one year of probation.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Howard Center slashes budget on shrinking donations

Image: World Congress of Families
Howard Center for Family Religion and Society is the parent organization of World Congress of Families and International Organization for the Family. Brian S. Brown became president of the hate group in May, 2016.

For calendar year 2017, the operation saw donations drop nearly 65%, from $577 thousand to $205 thousand. The budget was slashed by nearly 75%, from $433 thousand to $110 thousand. Brian S. Brown was not on the payroll.

Hate group goes after school psychologist

Efforts to protect LGBT kids drive Mad Mat Staver (further) insane.
Embed from Getty Images Mad Mat Staver, leader of Liberty Counsel — an anti-LGBT hate group — is perpetually pissed. Today's grievance is the result of an effort by a Florida middle school to keep LGBT kids safe and allow them to be successful. That endeavor prompts this: FL School's Shocking Plan. Shocking mind you.
Mat Staver
Florida’s Pasco County Public Schools personnel have adopted a harmful, unauthorized “policy” and practice of promoting LGBT ideology in violation of the rights of students, parents, and teachers, all without school board approval. Liberty Counsel has offered assistance to the Pasco County School Board, urging it to take immediate action and stop the harmful behavior at Chasco Middle School and elsewhere in the district resulting from a so-called “Gender Support Plan” and “Best Practices Guide.”

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Hate groups combine to slander trans people and misconstrue science

Michelle Cretella
Hate group leader Michelle Cretella
(American College of Pediatricians)
Image via YouTube
Wednesday, Michelle Cretella, executive director of American College of Pediatricians along with Chris Woodward and Steve Jordahl, propagandists for American Family Association, claim that gender and sex are the same thing. They do so in denial of medical science. Their assertion is: Sex, gender two different things – a 'foundational lie'.

American College of Pediatricians and American Family Association are both anti-LGBT hate groups. Both groups refuse to accept the fact that gender is a separate construct from natal sex. Cretella does so in an attempt to conform medical science to the catechism of the Catholic Church.

Another bigoted baker appeals to the Supreme Court

Melissa and Aaron Klein
Melissa and Aaron Klein
Image via YouTube/Heritage Foundation
In short order we are going to find out what the current Supreme Court thinks of laws protecting gay people from discrimination in public accommodations. Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa have appealed their $135,000 fine for discrimination to the Supreme Court. The Kleins, by the way, have raised more than $500,000 through crowdfunding as supposed victims of persecution.

The Supreme Court should decline to hear this case. According to precedent there are no religious exemptions to otherwise valid law (Scalia, Employment Division v. Smith). The only reason that Masterpiece Cakeshop (Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado CRC) was successful was because comments from the Colorado Civil Rights Commission demonstrated hostility to religion.

Ruth Institute's Morse smears gays, promotes defamatory stereotypes

“Who portrays themselves as disordered? Gays or people like Morse?”
Jennifer Roback Morse
Hate group leader Jennifer Roback Morse
(Ruth Institute)|
Image via YouTube
In an email to supporters, Jennifer Roback Morse, leader of Ruth Institute, writes:
Did you here [sic] the news about the two priests arrested in Miami for “lewd and lascivious behavior?” It's a disgusting story, but we're turning it into a “win” for sexual morality.
Last Labor Day two priests from Chicago were arrested for blowing each other in a parked car on Ocean Drive in South Beach at about 3:00 PM (amid two-lane traffic advancing at a very slow crawl). Responding to a complaint, two Miami Beach police officers walked up to the vehicle. Through the windows they caught these two geniuses in the act. The pair were arrested.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Even by Washington Times standards...

“These are also the same dopes who do not believe in climate change, claim that tornadoes are caused by same-sex marriage and tout thoroughly discredited conversion therapy.”
Image via YouTube
Even for the Moonie Daily AKA Washington Times, Cheryl K. Chumley is a standout. Tuesday she writes: Transgenderism is a political figment, not biological truth. That is so spectacularly stupid as to defy comment but I will try.

People become transgender because it is the only known way to mitigate the symptoms of gender dysphoria. The existence of gender dysphoria is an irrefutable scientific fact that has been documented in medical literature for at least 75 years. There is no intervention known to medical science that addresses gender dysphoria.

Of course Brian S. Brown is now an expert on gender science

Brian S. Brown
Image via C-Span video
Brian S. Brown's latest email on behalf of National Organization for Marriage is titled: “Don't let them erase the reality of male and female.” Brown, a fundamentalist Catholic, believes that his god created everyone male or female and that gender, as a separate construct, does not exist.

According to Blowhard Brian:

Erudite, intelligent priest on his knees before Peter Sprigg

Tadeusz Pacholczyk

Catholic Herald
On Monday Reverend Tadeusz Pacholczyk wrote: Sexual Orientation: Hope for restoration and healing with SOCE for the Catholic Herald. The source for Pacholczyk's enlightenment was none other than Peter Sprigg. This is very disappointing.

Disappointing because Father Pacholczyk should know better. After all, he has a PhD in neuroscience from Yale. Surely he knows a thing or two about evaluating research. Pacholczyk grew up knowing better because his father was a professor of astrophysics at the University of Arizona. Pacholczyk's field (within the Catholic Church) is bioethics. I do not agree with his (anti-choice) conclusions but he makes good arguments.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Count on The Federalist to provide a forum for transphobic BS

David Marcus
David Marcus (date unknown)
Image source: The Federalist
According to one David Marcus: The Trump Administration Is Right To Define Gender Biologically. The remarkable subtitle for this enlightening polemic is:
The federal government needs a definition of gender rooted in science and the Trump administration is right to enforce it.
I will get back to that but first, about Mr. Marcus. According to the Federalist, Marcus is the artistic director of Blue Box World in Brooklyn. Blue Box World has nothing to do with the well known Bluebox Theatre Co. on Long Island. According to the website of Blue Box World (BBW):

The Trump/Severino transagenda

An obvious effort to float an anti-trans policy proposal before the midterms.
Roger Severino
Roger Severino is the anti-choice, anti-LGBT devout Catholic lawyer who is the director of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at HHS.
Image via YouTube
The venerable New York Times has a draft of a memo from the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services. According to the Times:
The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth, the most drastic move yet in a governmentwide effort to roll back recognition and protections of transgender people under federal civil rights law.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Polemicist ponders Jesus' disapproval of homosexuality

R.L. David Jolly
R.L. David Jolly is not overly fond of gay people
Image via Twitter
R.L. David Jolly (not the former Congress Critter) writes: Did Jesus Approve of Homosexuality?. Predictably, Mr. Jolly cites sufficient scripture to conclude that Jesus did not approve of homosexuality. He is correct. I agree.


The understanding of homosexuality throughout the Roman Empire was not the same as it is today. What Jesus knew to be homosexuality was the conduct of heterosexual patrician men having sex with young slave boys. Doing so was perfectly acceptable in Roman high society as long as the elite was the “top.”

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Discourtesy is not optional for Al Mohler - It is required

Al Mohler
Photo: Courier-Journal
Al Mohler thinks it is necessary for Christians to demonstrate their ignorance. According to one Kiley Crossland:
Transgender activists proclaimed Wednesday as the first International Pronoun Day, dedicated to the idea that “referring to people by the pronouns they determine for themselves is a basic human dignity.” More than 300 nonprofit organizations, government groups, businesses, colleges, and universities signed on to celebrate the so-called holiday.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Shame on you Virgin Atlantic for promoting the homosexual agenda

Virgin Atlantic Pride
Virgin Atlantic's planned Pride Flights have conservative Christians engaging in a shame-fest
Image via Virgin.com
Someone named James Risdon writes: Airline to host exclusive homosexual ‘pride’ party at 38,000 feet with ‘inter-seat speed dating’. I can assure you that Mr. Risdon is not writing a promotional piece for Virgin Atlantic.

The first utterances of a conservative Christian toddler are neither “mama” nor “dada.” They are more likely to sound like “tsk, tsk.” Utterances of shame and disapproval are fundamental to religious fundamentalism. In all matters those religious conservatives are convinced that their approval is being solicited.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Regnerus puts science and dogma into the food processor and - Voila!

Mark Regnerus
Image via Right Wing Watch
Mark Regnerus has a new post at the blog of Witherspoon Institute. It is titled: The Future of American Sexuality and Family: Five Key Trends. According to Dr. Regnerus, married gay couples are extremely prosperous but few in number. Regnerus is relying on a recent paper published by Tax Policy Center. As an aside, check out their three-digit zip code sort of same-sex marriages.

The problem is obvious. Only through joint returns can we glean some insight into same-sex marriage. Individual tax filers do not provide evidence one way or the other. The Center's policy brief outlines the many challenges and admits to many assumptions. It is good work. Just not authoritative.

Twitter whacked Mr. LaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera
Image via Right Wing Watch
According to Peter LaBarbera he has been banned by Twitter, LaBarbera is not happy about it. Not at all. Apparently he tweeted his usual nonsense about gay sex being a sin and spreading disease, In a letter or email to Twitter, LaBarbera writes:
If Twitter no longer allows its users to advocate for healthy behaviors on its platform, and to defend their sincere moral and religious beliefs--shared by billions worldwide--then it will devolve into a bland, politically correct echo-chamber. That not only would fail to serve Twitter's mission but would undermine liberty and American democracy as well.

Ryan T. Anderson combines his two favorite anti-LGBT hobbies

“Anderson is going to tell them what they want to hear. Therefore, his audience will learn nothing.”
2015 Image via Heritage Foundation
Thursday evening, Ryan T. Anderson will be giving one of his lectures at St. John Lutheran Church in Roanoke, VA. The topic tonight is: “Male & Female He Created Them: Marriage and the Transgender Moment.

Anderson sports a doctorate from Notre Dame. However, his opinions are not the product of some sort of cerebral examination. Not at all. Intellectual endeavors are supposed to start with a question, then an hypothesis and then a search for truth; all of which leads to an evidentiary conclusion. The accuracy of that conclusion is predicated upon the critical thinking skills of the investigator and the absence of bias. Proving an hypothesis wrong is as valuable as proving it to be correct.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dr. Michael Brown is quite confused over the Kelvin Cochran settlement

Dr. Michael Brown
Image source: YouTube
Michael Brown writes: Another Major Victory for Religious Freedom in America. I wrote about the economic logic of this settlement this morning. No sense repeating myself but this was all about dollars and cents given the favorable rulings that the judge delivered to Atlanta in December.

According to Brown:
On Jan. 9, 2015, I wrote an article titled, "The Mayor of Atlanta Declares War on Religious Freedom." Now, more than three and a half years later, sanity has prevailed and religious freedoms have been preserved. Atlanta must pay up.