Monday, January 22, 2018

Alex Jones and "Activist Mommy" Elizabeth Johnston - LGBT people are mean!

Alex Jones
A red-faced Alex Jones combining cynicism with batshit crazy
for a sizable constituency of dim bulbs
On Friday Alex Jones claimed that LGBT people have higher suicide rates because they are very mean to each other. Some people claim that Jones is just a cynic, an act. After all, he seems to be sufficiently competent to make oodles of money from spouting conspiracy theories. Alex Jones is certainly cynical but he is also insane.

The ever discerning Mr. Jones interviewed the so-called “Activist Mommy,” Elizabeth Johnston, a conservative Christian who has managed to turn massive ignorance about sexual orientation and sexual identity into celebrity through social media (although she was recently whacked by Twitter for a week).

Johnston told Jones:
Clearly, transgenders need to get psychological and emotional counseling and it's not being offered to them because the LGBT community is enabling these young people and it's making them feel that they're entitled to their sex changes and their name changes.
Clearly? I scarcely know where to begin. The treatment of people with gender dysphoria includes psychiatrists and other counselors — most of whom are not part of the LGBT community. There is no form of talk therapy, no medical intervention known to medical science, that diminishes or relieves the symptoms of gender dysphoria. People who have gender dysphoria might suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. Clinicians treat the symptoms.

Some people with gender dysphoria get relief through affirmation of their gender. Recent studies suggest that young people who transition have levels of anxiety and depression close to those of the general population.

Aside from depression and anxiety, transgender people suffer in accordance with the Meyer Minority Stress Model. Demonstrable disapproval makes their lives all the more difficult. Morons like Ms. Johnston are the vendors of such stress and Alex Jones is complicit. Neither Jones nor Johnston have the slightest clue about LGBT people.

Ms. Johnston's favorite book was written by people who believed that most conditions were caused by demons.

It wasn't easy but Jones managed to surpass Johnston for sheer stupidity:
The gay community which, I don't hate anybody, on average diverse group of people but, on average, they have the highest level of suicide globally of any group and it's not because folks are being mean to them. It's because that community is being mean to them.

And I've seen the studies. I've witnessed it for myself. I've had friends, family, neighbors that are gay. You go to their party, they're being meaner than hell to each other. I mean it's – a lot of gay people are really mean. And let's not lie about that, and let's not lie about how they treat each other.
Studies? What studies by whom? Are these the same people who claim that the government blew up the Twin Towers on 9/11? Parties? This would all be very entertaining were it not for the countless people who believe the batshit nonsense spouted by people who pride themselves on being know-nothings. I am not entertained.

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