Thursday, January 18, 2018

Defining a "NOM"

NOM Nuts
A “NOM” is a thin excuse to send out email seeking donations similar to the incessant behavior of National Organization for Marriage for which it is named. Suggestions to call this a “Brown” were well received and certainly applicable. Too common.

The latest bit of irrelevance from Brian S. Brown is this:
After LGBT extremists were successful in redefining marriage in the law, stripping it of its essential character as a gendered institution, they then pivoted into a headlong rush to redefine gender itself. A key element of our 2018 Strategic Plan is to fight this attempt to deconstruct gender, because it is unalterably connected to the fight for marriage as a gendered institution bringing the two halves of humanity together. We are one of few national groups pushing back against this "gender identity" phenomenon through public education, grassroots organizing, legal action and administrative, regulatory and legislative activities.
One of the few? They cannot be serious. It seems that every conservative Christian group in the country has something stupid to say about gender dysphoria because transgender people pose some sort of challenge to scripture. The next time that one of Brown's children is ill, he should take the kid to a priest to exorcise the demons.

What we have is a political group in a fight with medical science for religious reasons. That seems like the very definition of nonsensical. I have no need to quote the rest of Brown's crap-fest. You have seen it all before.

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