Friday, January 12, 2018

Uh oh: The pope is a hostage to the gay lobby

Whoever, or whatever, the Vatican's gay lobby is — real or imagined — it seems to have supernatural powers in the minds of some. Apparently whoever, or whatever, it is has subversively taken control of the Vatican. At least that is according to Christine de Marcellus Vollmer (whatever that is) at LifesiteNews.

Vollmer writes: “More proof that Francis’ pontificate has been ‘hijacked’ by the ‘Gay Lobby’.” I never have figured what is supposed to be within quotation marks and why. I will leave that up to Vollmer & Co.

In any event this hypothesis provides an opportunity to express some pent-up homophobic frustration — and a display of ignorance:
Already Public concern about the policies placing Catholic youth at risk of abuse had been intensified by Pope Francis’ restoring to priestly ministry an Italian priest who was laicized by Pope Benedict for homosexually abusing adolescent males. This priest relapsed, homosexually abusing a youth, and was arrested.
And they wonder why I assert that the Catholic Church is the largest organized source of anti-LGBT bigotry in the world. Gay men are not child molesters any more than straight men. Suggesting otherwise is outrageously offensive. Moreover, most priests have entirely undeveloped sexuality. They might prey on what is most available to them.
The rumors of the Vatican being in the clutches of a ‘gay lobby’ seem each day to be further confirmed. Parents will increasingly retire their children from religious-run schools and parochial activities. A sad result of what is billed as ‘compassion’ and ‘mercy.’

The protection of Catholic marriages, families and youth depend upon a correct resolution of these scandals.
I suppose that by “retire” she means remove. And somehow gays are responsible for that? Most people of faith are not cultists. If she is referring to compassion for gay people by the Catholic Church, she is wildly mistaken. As long as the Church insists that gay people are objective disordered — in direct contravention to the overwhelming consensus of medicine and science — then it is promoting bigotry, marginalization and persecution. The very fact that this imbecile thinks that gay people pose a danger to society demonstrates just how badly informed these people are and I hold the Church responsible for that.
Added to the deviant suggestions made and over-ruled at the Synods on the Family, the same subtle, but insistent, approval for homosexuality is making its way again toward what would seem intended to be acceptance of what was expressed by one speaker, French Jesuit Father Alain Thomasset, as “homosexual relationship[s] lived in stability and fidelity can be a path of holiness”
They even raise heterosexual children who are perfectly healthy and happy. Imagine that. Presumably Ms. Vollmer does not understand anything about sexual orientation. That understanding will not come from religion which is a belief system based on faith. Truth is derived from science which is evidentiary in nature. Those ancient texts say many idiotic things about a myriad of subjects that nobody takes seriously today. Knowledge is our friend, not an enemy.
There is concern worldwide that the Pontificate of Francis has been hijacked by the ‘Gay Lobby’ so discussed of late and that he is manipulated by homosexual prelates.
If that's true then we are not doing a very good job of controlling things.
It is time that Pope Francis take a firm stand in favor of Catholic Moral Doctrine, distancing himself from those who favor homosexuality as an alternate form of ‘love’ and from the notion that ‘anything goes, if you feel good about it.’
Poor thing is lost. Being gay is not immoral. Marginalizing a minority group based on superstition is immoral.

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