Friday, February 23, 2018

FRC launches a petition pitting LGBT dignity against Christians

Hate group leader Tony Perkins
Hate group leader Tony Perkins - Family Research Council
Family Research Council thrives on divisiveness. Without conflict, FRC would cease to exist because none of its leaders have the skills to lead the group in any other way. In all the years that I have been following the hate group they have never shown any evidence of attempting to find common ground. Creating, spreading and increasing strife are at the center of FRC's activities. The “problem” that incites their hate might be Muslims but it is usually LGBT people. Today is no exception. Via email:
Understandably, the seemingly never-ending conflicts between religious freedom and the LGBT movement can lead us to become numb. It is easy to get used to them, especially when we are confronted with more of what we have seen already -- public employees, small business owners, and others in the public square facing opposition for their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.
Think about the above. What Tony Perkins is really saying is that if you are not pissed off, well you should be. Furthermore, there is the deliberate lie that people are persecuted for “their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.” The correct way to describe that is the fact that these folks (whomever they might be) do not like same-sex marriage.

More importantly, we don't care. We are not asking for their approval. If those same people happen to be proprietors of a public accommodation then we expect them to comply with applicable laws and ordinances. If they do not like those then they can vote out of office the people responsible for those laws. As I think the Supreme Court will affirm, we do not have one set of laws for conservative Christians and another set of laws for everyone else. Through numerous administrations Americans have been consistent in their lack of tolerance for Christian supremacy.

Perkins continues:
For the most part, churches have been left alone. Sadly, that is no longer the case. This latest incident should genuinely shock us and serve as a serious wake-up call to all Christians in this country who, regardless of whatever else they may differ on, agree on a biblical view of sexuality.
Again, Perkins is fomenting anger. As you will see it is over nothing.
Recently, Pastor Jeremy Schossau of Detroit's Metro City Church, in partnership with Forge Ministries, invited families in the community to attend a parents and girls-only workshop series entitled "Unashamed Identity Workshop." It was directed at kids 12-16 years old, who struggle with thoughts that they should identify as transgender, bisexual, or gay. "Through thoughtful, relevant, and biblical counsel, we will help your girl be unashamed of her true sexual identity given to her by God at birth." For this, pastor and church were viciously attacked -- for no other reason than living out their faith in their community as countless churches have done for years in our country. Let me emphasize this again: this pastor was attacked for acting on beliefs shared by millions of Christians across America, who, whatever else they may differ on, share a biblical view of marriage and sexuality.
Help? Shame is more like it. What is Schossau peddling? Faith healing? Unless he has considerable medical credentials, Schossau is in no position to address gender dysphoria. Being gay does not require a cure. Gay people are not broken. They do not need to be fixed. The fact that natural variants of human sexuality do not conform to ancient texts should be no more relevant than the fact that, according to those same texts, the sun rotates around the earth. The very fact that parents are led to believe that their children are somehow evil does real damage to real people. Children suffer. Parents too.

Jeremy Schossau deserved to be attacked as the ignorant and malignant fool that he is. There is no form of “biblical counsel” that will affect someone's sexuality. And if Perkins is correct; if millions of Christians believe in things like pray-away-the-gay then they have been misled by people like Schossau and Perkins.

Schossau was an addict. To what I do not know. Does he think that being LGBT is a bad habit? What special skills does Schossau claim to possess? Before starting this church Schossau was working as a carpenter. Does he have so much as an undergraduate degree? This has been going on for nearly a month now. Jeremy Schossau is enjoying an additional five minutes of fame.

Schossau has claimed to have received death threats. They always make the claim to enhance their supposed persecution while oppressing LGBT people. Rep Ted Poe (R-TX) has even called on Trump to protect poor Jeremy. Protect him from what exactly? It is LGBT children who need protection from the ignorant Jeremy Schossau.
Now, two Michigan state legislators, Adam Zemke (D) and Darrin Camilleri (D) are demanding a state investigation into the church. State legislators are so incensed at the idea that people would willingly seek help that they're calling for an investigation into the church!
So what? It was misguided and Perkins knows perfectly well that the state is not going to investigate the church. And those kids are not “willingly seeking help.” They are either the victims of parental pressure or idiotic pastors who claim that they are damned and must repent. Perkins incites this kind of hate through his hyperbolic vitriol. The end result is that some people will think that imaginary “radical LGBT activists” have somehow injured them.

And the bottom line? Perkins keeps them afraid and angry. It is how he also keeps the the cash registers Ka-CHINGing.

So Perkins has a new petition for people to sign. It's all rather pointless, essentially calling upon those two misguided Michigan legislators to repent. Perkins does more damage then then those folks every single day.

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