Friday, February 2, 2018

Isn't it obvious that Trump engineered "The Memo" from inception?

Come on folks, the person at the center of this is four-watt bulb Devin Nunes. Trump has been coordinating this thing from the very beginning. Nunes has been following directions. Trump's efforts to suggest that he is distanced from the memo include floating the preposterous idea that he had not read the thing. Now he is supposedly pondering release. He knew that this would be public weeks ago. It is just kabuki.

The end game is to fire Rosenstein and replace him with someone who will fire Mueller. That is why Trump has even said that Mueller will be fair and that he will cooperate with an interview. Trump intends to effect Mueller's firing prior to that happening.

This memo reminds me of that doctor's letter stating that Trump would be the most physically fit president ever.

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