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Michelle Cretella weighs in on Ohio matter - The Sprigg too

Michelle Cretella
Hate group leader Michelle Cretella wants medicine to conform to scripture
Thursday at the Christian Post, hate group leader Michelle Cretella has some comments relative to a story I wrote about earlier today. It concerns an Ohio teen suffering from gender dysphoria and the conservative Catholic parents are causing him to suffer. Cretella, the president of the American College of Pediatricians (a small Christian splinter group), is not a psychiatrist and hasn't practiced medicine in about three years. She explains:
If the judge rules in favor of the ideologically driven gender clinic, the ability of all parents to protect their children of any age from all aspects of this social and medical experiment will take a tremendous hit.
Cretella is projecting. The apparently ultra-conservative Catholic is confused about what constitutes an ideology or belief system based on faith. The treatment of gender dysphoria is based on the best available science which, in turn, is based on evidence. Furthermore, the child is in the care of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center which is not a “gender clinic.” It is reasonable to presume that the members of the teen's treatment team have far more knowledge, training and experience in this area than Cretella.

The Post notes that CNN featured the voice of Dr. Michelle Forcier who is a professor at Brown University:
If your child had asthma and was turning blue, you wouldn't deny them their albuterol inhaler or say 'let's wait.' If this were cancer or diabetes, we wouldn't be having this conversation, but people get funny when it comes to medical care when gender is involved, and that's harmful."
Ah, but Cretella is not done:
Cretella made a point to tell CP that Forcier's remarks are "unscientific."

"A child suffering from gender dysphoria has a fixed belief contrary to physical reality. This is a delusion," she said, and "a delusion is not any person's 'authentic self.'"

She noted that such a delusion is a disorder of the mind; that gender dysphoria is distinctly unlike a disease of the body like diabetes, asthma, or cancer; and that no long term evidence exists showing that encouraging a child's delusion prevents suicide.
“Unscientific” means that she doesn't approve. A woman who promotes thoroughly discredited gay conversion therapy has the gall to claim that a professor at an Ivy League medical school is being unscientific? Seriously? The actual psychiatrists who do know a thing or two about gender dysphoria posit that it is a condition and not a disorder. Furthermore there is a growing mountain of evidence that, with gender affirmation, children have relatively normal levels of depression and anxiety. Common sense should prevail. The risk of self-harm is reduced.

Of course, people like Cretella still contribute to the effects of the Meyer Minority Stress Model through their religion-oriented opprobrium. And what exactly does Cretella recommend. Some form of conversion therapy in order to satisfy religious leaders or to conform the world to scripture (which is what conversion therapy is really all about)?

Dr. Cretella should never use the word evidence when she means: “evidence that I approve of.”

But she's not done being an idiot:
Furthermore, she stressed, "there is no evidence that any gender dysphoric child's suicidality is due to parents' refusing to go along with the delusion. It is more likely that whatever has caused the child's depression and suicidal thoughts is also triggering the gender dysphoria."
Please. That is just religious gibberish.
Since there are no long term studies regarding the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones in young children and teens, this entire enterprise is, by definition, an experiment upon a minor — and a dangerous one at that given the life-long permanent side effects.
Cretella is also not an endocrinologist. The Endocrine Society supports the use of hormones in addressing gender dysphoria. It is astonishing that the whole medical establishment seems to be wrong. Only Cretella and other defenders of the faith like Paul McHugh have all the right answers. Why do the alternate views always come from Christian conservatives?

Cretella has some company in crackpot land:
Peter Sprigg, senior research fellow at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., commented in an email to The Christian Post Wednesday that refusing to support gender transition for a minor child should never be grounds for removing that child from a parent's custody and represents a "shocking invasion of fundamental parental rights to direct the upbringing of their children."
Is that Sprigg's legal or medical opinion I wonder?
"The threat of suicide by the child should be taken as evidence of a major mental health crisis requiring psychological intervention, and as a warning against making other major life changes at this time, not in favor of it," he said.
That is a medical opinion from the Baptist minister who is employed by hate group Family Research Council. It defies what we know — and common sense.
"In recent years, the free exercise of religion outside the walls of a home or church has been repeatedly threatened; but in this case, even such freedom within the home is at risk."
Sorry, Sprigg. There is no such thing as religious freedom to abuse your children.

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