Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Okay Bri - Get a grip

These days, Brian S. Brown will say just about anything to get people to send him some money. Brown's efforts are almost comical. The latest grift from the leader of National Organization for Marriage begins like so:
Four significant victories in recent days have made it clear that NOM is on the march and making tremendous strides to protect marriage supporters and people of faith. We're winning in the courts, with voters and in the court of public opinion.
In case it is not obvious, this is the start of a money-beg. According to my (admittedly challenged) understanding of the English language, the “we” in “we're” is the organizational collective for NOM. At least that is the intended meaning. The sales pitch is that NOM is achieving notable results with donors' money.

So what are those four significant victories?
Last week the nation of Bermuda became the first country in the world to repeal same-sex 'marriage.' We were very active in this victory behind the scenes. I twice met with leaders of the pro-marriage movement in Bermuda to discuss strategies and approaches. We suggested that they push for a national referendum to preserve marriage, which they did, eventually persuading 68% of Bermuda voters to reject gay 'marriage.' …
Mr. Brown doesn't mention the fact that the nonbinding referendum was deemed invalid because less than 50% of voters participated. Now we are talking about an electorate of roughly 55,000 on an island about one-third the size of Washington, DC. An American Cub Scout troop could effect a better turn-out. Bermuda's legislature made a regrettable decision; one that is going to impact the economy negatively and NOM had nothing to do with it. I wonder if Brown crammed his fat ass into a coach seat or if donors paid for him to fly first class — twice.
In 2016, NOM was a leading national group urging the Mississippi Legislature to enact HB 1523, comprehensive religious liberty legislation designed to protect people of faith from having to personally participate in the lie of same-sex 'marriage.' We rallied thousands of supporters to get involved in the fight, and played a high-profile role in convincing Governor Phil Bryant to sign the legislation …
The promise was “Four significant victories in recent days.” That was just a few paragraphs prior. Does Brown so thoroughly dismiss the reading comprehension of donors? Perhaps he does. Aside from the fact that 2016 is not recent days, Mississippi needed no help from NOM to enact its bigotry. NOM was irrelevant.
Last week the state of North Carolina was forced to pay $300,000 to a former state magistrate who was forced from office because she could not in good conscience perform same-sex marriages, which violate her religious beliefs. The courts ruled that longstanding federal law required that an accommodation be made for her. …
Perhaps I missed something. Did NOM pay this woman's legal fees or provide an attorney? Moreover, it is “court,” not “courts.” The Fourth Circuit did not rule on the matter. Again, NOM was irrelevant.
And just last week in California — California! — a court ruled that a Christian baker did not violate the law when she declined to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple …
This will undoubtedly be appealed lest California have meaningless nondiscrimination laws. Obviously, NOM had nothing to do with this.

Just to tally things up; of the four, NOM was involved in one and they failed. NOM had absolutely nothing to do with the other three. But don't listen to me. Open up your wallets. Money donated to NOM is money that could go elsewhere. I would prefer NOM as the recipient. There is a reward for serial ineptitude.

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