Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Peter Sprigg makes a concerted effort to look like a fool!

Peter Sprigg
Hate group employee Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council gets to air his opinions throughout Christendom. Conservative religious outlets lack sufficient discernment to appreciate the fact that the profoundly bigoted Sprigg is not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

CBN News reached out to Sprigg for comment on American Family Association's noxious ferment over Walgreens' transgender accommodation policy.
"Walgreens should have taken a lesson from Target when they made a point of announcing their pro-transgender bathroom policy which was devastating to their bottom line in terms of their stock price," adding, "I don't think corporations in general should make a point of publicly endorsing a radical transgender bathroom policy."
These people have a way of outing themselves as rubes. Bottom line is, well … net earnings. The price of a company's stock has no influence on the bottom line. In terms of the bottom line, Target has exceeded earnings estimates over the last four quarters. Target shares are consistently out-performing the market, offer a high dividend yield and reached a 52-week high a couple of weeks ago. Where exactly is this devastation?
For the incurious faithful I suppose that Sprigg does not disappoint:
"We certainly are concerned about the allowing biological males potentially posing a threat to the privacy and safety of women and girls," adding, "The threat may not be from people who identify as transgender, but predators who pose as transgenders to exploit these policies."
Sprigg—whose training and experience is limited to being a Baptist minister—isn't really concerned about anyone's safety. His real problem is religious disapproval of gender affirmation to allay the symptoms of gender dysphoria. Yet, even when the inquirer is a Christian outlet, he is compelled to voice nonsensical, dishonest and unoriginal rhetoric. And by the way, the word transgender is an adjective. It is not a noun.

Exactly when and where has someone pretended to be transgender to gain access to opposite sex facilities as Sprigg claims?

Ooh, ooh. I know! I know!

The imaginary men who claim to be transgender in order to access women's bathrooms for no obvious reason are keeping company with the imaginary financial devastation suffered by Target.

Those, in turn, reside with the imaginary heterosexual couples who choose not to have children because gays can marry.

That is what passes for intelligence at Family Research Council.

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