Monday, March 12, 2018

AFA: 'Subterranean water in diamonds confirms Gen. 7 Flood'

Subterranean water in diamonds does not confirm The Great Flood mythology. Not even close.

The presence of water droplets in diamonds that were disgorged from hundreds of kilometers within our planet confirms that there are small pockets of water deep within the earth's surface. Also discovered was a weird type of crystallized water which scientists call ice VII. This all suggests that material may circulate more freely at substantial depths below the earth's surface than has been previously thought possible.

Yet people take these folks seriously when they pose crackpot theories about LGBT people. Amazing.

American Family Association's explanation via their Michael F. Haverluck is at least amusing:
More evidence the Flood is not a Christian myth

However, the highly pressurized underground water comes to no surprise to many Christian scientists and other creationists who have been monitoring the latest research, which corroborates the Genesis 7 Flood account …

“While at least three recent studies have found evidence to support the theory, what few scientists are noting is that the discovery of actual droplets of the water hundreds of miles deep below the Earth’s surface corroborates what the Bible said in the Genesis Flood account,” WND reported. “The discovery is being hailed by other scientists as groundbreaking and surprising.”
More evidence? Is there any evidence at all? “Few scientists are noting” means none at all.

The dangerous part of all this is that this is the junk that they want taught in public schools. This is the kind of “instruction” that home schooled kids get. We are creating a nation of incurious imbeciles who do not understand the difference between faith and science.

Dumb and incurious is just how fundamentalist Christians need children to be. Otherwise they are apt to reject the mythology and superstition.

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