Thursday, March 1, 2018

America's dumbest lawyer has logic in the iron grasp of an extraordinary mind

Mat Staver
Hate group leader Mat Staver - Liberty Counsel
Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel thinks that Southern Poverty Law Center (it is one of those days) is of ill repute because it doesn't list an organization that Staver thinks is a hate group as a hate group. What Staver is really doing is whining with “why us if not them?”

The them in this case is the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. According to Staver, via email:
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) claims it is "fighting hate and bigotry" but its "hate group" list is a farce. While listing non-violent groups, like Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom, American Family Association, and Liberty Counsel, the SPLC does not include groups that advocate the violent overthrow of the United States, like the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA(RCP).
Committed capitalist that I am, I was eager to find just what egregious acts these folks were guilty of. Perusing their website they don't really seem to be advocating violence at all. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence but I cannot find any evidence. Neither can Mr. Staver. More importantly, what causes an organization to be deemed a hate group is the effort to marginalize and defame a minority. The RCP doesn't do any of that either. In other words, it would be helpful if a hate group actually hated some folks. I cannot figure out who those folks would be in the case of RCP.

But suppose that RCP was all of those things and that SPLC was remiss in not listing them as a hate group. Would that have anything to do with Liberty Counsel's designation as an anti-LGBT hate group?

Certainly not. Mr. Staver disparages LGBT people all the livelong day. He lies about LGBT people and makes a concerted effort to marginalize them (us). As SPLC points out:
In Its Own Words

“Homosexual conduct can result in significant damage to those involved who engage in such conduct. There is no evidence that a person is born homosexual. And there is evidence that people can change. Our culture is being pressured with demands that our homes welcome, our daycares embrace, our schools indoctrinate, our businesses promote, and our laws reward this harmful sexual behavior.” – Liberty Counsel website, “Resources on the Family,” 2015.

“Now [the group will] allow homosexual young boys in the Scouts and allow homosexual leaders in the Scouts, and what are you going to have? You are going to have all kinds of sexual molestation. This is a playground for pedophiles to go and have all these boys as objects of their lust.” – Mat Staver, “Faith and Freedom Radio,” August 2015.
  • Mr. Staver could claim that the quotes are inaccurate. He doesn't do that.
  • Mr. Staver could explain why that that is not hateful rhetoric. He doesn't do that either.
  • Mr. Staver could assert that the rhetoric does not rise to the level of a hate group. Nope. He doesn't do that.
Instead, Mr. Staver does two things, over and over again:
  1. He attempts to rewrite SPLC's criteria by claiming that his group is not violent. No one said that it is violent in the true sense of the word. Actual violence is not required to be a hate group and;
  2. Mr. Staver makes a concerted effort to disparage SPLC in order to reduce the impact of the hate group label. He is attacking the messenger rather than the message.
In the subject email he does both of those things. He seems to think that conservative Christianity gives him a pass. Why? Because he is devout? Using sanctimony to persecute others makes Liberty Counsel a hypocritical hate group but a hate group nonetheless. Every now and then Mr. Staver might ponder WWJD? I do not think that he would make the  following statement:
If you ultimately promoted same-sex marriage and everyone started to go towards same-sex marriage, what would happen to society? It would just simply cease to exist. Moreover, you’d have rampant increase in diseases. Already, you have rampant increase in diseases among same-sex activities, specifically men having sex with men. Same-sex marriage, same-sex relationships is destructive to individuals and it’s destructive to our very social fabric.

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